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Effective alternatives analysis in mediation: “batna/watna” analysis demystified

This article explains the concept of alternatives analysis and presents a method for conducting an analysis with parties in mediation, including many of the considerations that may affect the parties' perception and use of the analysis. The options analysis remains within the context of the negotiation with the other party and is not [>]

Research into the history of klinefelters syndrome

One pediatrician at the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver and the director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development during the major screening research referred to these newborn males as not having Klinefelter's Syndrome because of the possibility that the characteristics may not develop into a syndrome. The [>]

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Smartphone market overview in india marketing essay

With the introduction of 3G in India, the smartphone market is expected to see an increase in the uptake, as consumers would adopt a smartphone to support the data-intensive applications that can be supported on a 3G network. The advantages of the Open ecosystem are expected to reduce the cost of smartphones and [>]

Patriarchy and violence in hetrosexual relationships essay sample

In cases where abuse is repetitive and escalatory, however, the violence itself may be seen as a symptom of a greater problem; it may be a symptom of a notion of masculinity being intrinsically connected with control and violence on the male's part and that problem may continue to motivate future acts of [>]

Technical and vocational education

The survey research will help to inform the leaders of the institution to look at the importance of student survey on the relevance of TVET curricular and the result will best serve for the school curriculum reform. Given this background to the study, the research study will propose the following research question, in [>]

Telenor mobil – security case study essay sample

This is in correlation with the theory given in this course; Turban Page 567, the reason why a DMZ is used, ' the idea behind the screened subnet is that there is no way for outside traffic to gain access to any other hosts on the internal network' The servers and program used [>]

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Measuring weak-form market efficiency

The unrestricted model is given by: where is the log-return on stock i at time t; is the market log-return at time t; is the lagged market return; is the coefficient on the lagged market return; and is the lag which is 1, 2, 3, 4 for the daily data and 1, 2, [>]

Smoking behavior in different smoking stages psychology essay

This research used the Extended Model of Goal Directed Behaviour to examine how social and personal factors affect the difference between the desire to smoke and smoking behavior of young adults during the stages of development of smoking behavior. Given the results of the correlations and path coefficients of each construct, my application [>]

Company overview: astro all asia networks

Firstly, the researcher intended to discover the success factors of Sport Marketing strategies in pay TV industry in Malaysia for the benefit of the organization that helps to overcome the barriers and undesirable outcomes by learning all about the current subscribers and potential subscribers of sports pack. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY This research [>]

Private sector participation in india’s defence production

In tune with the age old concept and belief of ' Defence Industry to be controlled only by State', the Planning Memorandum of 1945 and the Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948 and 1956 placed the munitions, aircraft and ship building industries in the public sector under the control of the Central Government. Aim [>]

Organization buying behavior and purchasing process commerce essay

The purpose of the study is to identify Organization Buying Behavior and how internal and external factors affects the purchasing of raw material and to identify the decision making unit that influences the buying decision of the manufacturing organization. In the case of Statutory Corporations the committee comprises the whole council/board; a representative [>]

Strategic organizational leadership in capstone paper

On the heels of the success of the Chrysler Six, Walter Chrysler changed the name of the Maxwell Motor Corporation to the Chrysler Corporation. Capitalizing on the success of the initial Chrysler model, Walter Chrysler introduced 4 additional Chrysler models know as the Chrysler 50, the Chrysler 60 the Chrysler 70 and the [>]

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Employee engagement on organizational citizenship behavior management essay

Regression analysis and the analysis of variance and post hoc are used to measure the results, and the results indicated that there is a significant relationship between employee engagement and organizational citizenship behavior and this relation is more strengthened when human resource information system is used in the organization. These all terms use [>]

Ge ultrasound case study

While the spread of ultrasound technology certainly is not the root cause of the increase in reports of female feticide, the compact, portable and relatively low-cost nature of this technology does increase the complexity of administratively overseeing and prosecuting medical practitioners, companies or other individuals who violate the PNDT Act and misuse the [>]

Impact of micro credit role of microcredit as a tool essay

The cardinal lessons in this paper: Microcredit plans have generated positive consequences for big Numberss of the hapless and adult females in peculiar Chapter One Page 1. Recently, in different school of universe broad adult females oriented research are increasing for analyzing development and because of this, a new skyline in unavailing in [>]

Crosscultural management

Each director is trained to understand the franchise region in which they working to provide the best resources and support for the international store. The company added the position of vice president of Global Diversity and Inclusion with the departmental responsibilities to include leading the company? s diversity and inclusion strategy to help [>]

Development of a powerful identity through language

She claims the " understanding of reality and identity is constructed in the talk of the narrative". In this sense, language is portrayed as a tool to beutilized in communication and the development of one's identity, which is additionally determined by " social factors such as [one's]gender, ethnicity, education, professional status, and so [>]

A study of multi channel retailing marketing essay

Thus the research topic is the study of multi-channel retailing towards customer loyalty and the author choose Wal-Mart, the successful global multi-channel retailer in the world as a case. Aims and Objectives of project The aims and objectives of this study are: The relationship between satisfaction and loyalty The importance of customer loyalty [>]

Howard gardners theory of human intelligence education essay

Some of the ideas children came up with when building the homes were unexpected such as making sure the home was waterproof and the creative thinking they used to do this, for example; " we need to build underground or in a sheltered spot" and they also suggested, making sure that the roof [>]

Fast food industry challenges and opportunities

Franchisees claimed that Burger King failed to understand and adapt to the needs and requirements of the franchisees' target audience who demanded a varied product to suit the culture and trends of the particular country and location. The Mission and Vision of the company must be clear from top to bottom, otherwise it [>]

Sm prime holdings essay

One ground for this is the complexness of the environment they belong to and the demand to constantly respond to this elaborateness. Consumers are the beginning of net income of the company and that is why they are researching in great item to larn the purchasing behaviour of their consumers in order to [>]

Rules of tic tac toe game computer science

One of them is to position elements through all of the board, thus the player that has more rows of 3 totally than the other one is the winner of the game. And of course, the winner is the player that will make 3 in a row on the tic-tac-toe game first.

Cultural analysis – taiwan

Also known as the Republic of China, it is the place where the ROC settled after losing control of mainland China to the People's Republic of China. Is religious culture a factor in negotiation: a cross-cultural comparison of Iran, Taiwan and the United States.

The objectives of cause related marketing marketing essay

The possible remuneration for the company associated to these stakeholders because of the power of successful cause marketing activities on them are, which are represented by arrow 2b and 4, according to Gourville and Rangan the following: The current and potential consumers Increased possibility of a sale and reduced differentiating costs for an [>]

A study on importance of leisure sociology essay

The many benefits of recreation and leisure converge to create a sense of well -being in people. The importance of recreation and leisure to the individuals in our society has a number of implications.

Collaborative learning heterogeneous versus homogeneous grouping

In their effort to meet the needs of such a diverse students, educators tend to assign pair and group work with students of different ability levels finding ways to involve all students in the activities. In a review of 46 studies related to cooperative learning, Slavin found that cooperative learning resulted in significant [>]

Role of young engineers and successful examples education essay

The country's leadership should also embrace youths, as well as youth organisations, as they are the leaders of the future and would contribute to the nation-building efforts [2]. The central purpose of advocating youth leadership is to support youth in taking the initiative to engage in civic and community activities in order to [>]

Life-threatening hemorrhage during patent ductus arteriosus ligation in a cat: xenotransfusion with canine blood

0 kg was referred to the Small Animal Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liege for investigation of heart murmur, cough, dyspnea and weakness. The cat received 24 ml of blood during surgery and the transfusion was maintained postoperatively until he received the 131 ml in order to [>]

Pestel and swot analysis of vietnam

The accord ended French colonial rule, and the country was partitioned into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, led by Ho Chi Minh and the Republic of Vietnam in the South. Its influence is reflected through the formation and election of the National Assembly, the operation of the administration, and the function of the [>]

Clinical remit

It is also the responsibility of the stoma care department to meet the training and educational needs of ward based nursing staff to ensure high quality care which is evidence based and kept updated. This ensures that the programme is appropriate for all, regardless of knowledge and experience and forms the basis of [>]

Advantages of integrating arts into the curriculum

Her idea of " interrelatedness of the arts" takes an integrated approach to the use of the " arts as a tool for psychotherapy"." Also referred to as expressive arts therapy, integrative arts therapy, multimodal expressive therapy, or intermodal expressive therapy", according to the author this represents a " discipline rooted in philosophical, [>]

Relationship between naxalism and psychology

Employment of suitable Psychological Operation Themes for perception management of all key players in addition to relentless use of force and development activities is the key to solving the problem of Naxalism in India. The dissertation will endeavour to establish the correlation of naxalism and psychological dimensions of naxals.

Pornography debate

This modification would restrict the cause of action to the same persons as the other sections of the ordinance, namely, the particular victim of the specified injury. I will argue that such a modification would largely cohere with the conception of harm already at work in Ontario law, would afford only a minor [>]

Board committee organization structure of starbucks marketing essay

Overview of corporate strategy & business goals A mission statement is a brief description of an organisation's fundamental purpose, which is steered in outlining the existence of the organisation; this is to enable members of the organisation to be aware of the company's purpose as well as the general public. It is not [>]

Prefabricated housing to meet the governments housing construction essay

As influenced by the main aim of the study, the primary objective of the study is to examine and analyse the main problems that limit the use of prefabrication of houses in the UK and how these problems can be overcome. In this context the main objectives of the research study could be [>]

Research methods: potential for pedagogical documentation to enhance children’s participation

In this study, the specific case is early childhood educators bounded by a Reggio-inspired preschool and the phenomenon under study is their use of pedagogical documentation to enhance children's meaningful participation. The educators at the selected site embrace the Reggio notion of the hundred languages of children and understand that educators have a [>]

Private labels the clothing industry in india

Examples of such stores in India are: These stores hold a large variety of clothing in their field of specialization and in a number of SKUs to satisfy the Indian customer and all in sufficient quantities based upon their forecasting. The prices of the national brands of clothing are as set by the [>]

Digi telecommunications sdn

There are only a few suppliers for Digi and the switching cost of Digi to change to another supplier is quite high. This is due to the low rate of calling and sms rate.

Enactive account of pretend play and its application to therapy

Based on the functional ecological approach to pretense, vast literature about the importance of interacting with objects in development of cognition and in establishing pretense relationships, and motivated by the emergence of novel embodied, intersubjective and enactive approaches to cognition, the EAPP highlights the role of interaction in pretense. The focus is not [>]

Your open table is ready marketing essay

In this section a full situational analysis will be provided for OpenTable to launch an app and software plug in to support the addition of a push and text notification system to allow diners to know that their tables are ready. Restaurants then have the ease of leveraging the contact information through OpenTable [>]

The sale of burmah castrol to bp amoco commerce essay

In mid 1990s Burmah Castrol consisted of Castrol, blending and marketing lubricants; and Chemicals with a residual Fuels retailing business effectively the final relic of the past which was in the process of being sold off. The rapid fall in the sales revenue and the profitability of the Castrol due to poor management [>]

Introduction to the global tourism hospitality tourism essay

On the other hand, the severity of the market and the economy crisis also encouraged hotel creating the alliance and association to be more successful. In 2008 and 2009, the tourism sector of Australia was influenced slightly by the economy crisis.

War and peace in mindanao

Armed struggle began in the early 1970s, first of all under the leadership of the Moro National Liberation Front, which negotiated a peace agreement with the Philippine Government that led to the creation of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao in 1996, though it turned out to be a very unsatisfactory form of [>]

Tools and skills for performance consulting

In addition to that, it is good to make sure that both the consultant and client are clear of what the objective of the project is. The consultant must also inform the client to keep staff informed on the status of the project so that the client feels they are playing a role [>]

Analysing the recruitment and selection process

The organization has a culture of cooperation, teamwork, and mutual respect; and it is the responsibility of HR to select those candidates who are expected to fit into this culture. The orientation includes material on the heritage of the company, company structure, its business model, the demographics of the customer base, and how [>]

Early childhood educationpapers

When kids foremost start the puting the practician has to do the kid feel safe and secure because if you welcome them and you are warm and soothing they will experience more comfy in the scene and will not head go forthing their Dendranthema grandifloruom and dad's and will desire to remain their [>]

Changing patterns in indias cast system essay

In this paper chiefly focus on the basic construct of caste and category of society and in Indian context the altering tendency of the caste system.' Caste ' is the name of an ancient societal establishment that has been portion of Indian history and civilization for 1000s of old ages. The statutory committee [>]

Global financial crisis of 2007

Despite its popularity amongst some, many banks still preferred to adopt Basel I because of the complex nature and cost of compliance associated with Basel II; which is feared will be transferred to borrowers through higher capital charges.[2] Though a soft law, it can be argued that Basel II is being adopted by [>]

History of mathematics teaching in the national curriculum

After 4 years of study and research the committee came out with a report called The Cockcroft Report.' It would be very difficult perhaps impossible to live a normal life in very many parts of the world in the twentieth century without making use of mathematics of some kind.', Mathematics counts) This fact [>]

Under armour marketing assignment

Under Armour does not suggest to the customer what it can do for them, the customer suggests to Under Armour what Under Armour can do for the customers and so far it has worked tremendously because they are satisfying their customer's needs in every way possible. All Season Gear Under Armour All Season [>]

Corporate social responsibility activities in services sector

To examine how CSR is used as a marketing tool and in building the brand image for some organizations The project will mainly involve Desk research, finding out the companies' perspective through their web portals and journals, studying the actual impact of their CSR activities and analyzing many impartial social commentators' views and [>]

Digital modulation and demodulation

This shows understand the transfer of information in a communication system The communication system will consist of at least the three parts shown. Typically the objective of a digital communication system is to transport digital data between two or more nodes.

Macroeconomics analysis of starwood hotels in china

We have also analyzed already existed hotel chain within the country, from the investors point of view due to invest into the future projects of the hotel chain to support the economy of China. The Western world believes that China had pegged the value of the Yuan to the dollar.

Gender performativity and works of hannah wilke theatre essay

Butler proposes jobs in the usage of the performative in the context of public presentation as a simplification of Austin ' s initial theory, whereas its definition as the communicative force of an vocalization is embedded in the topic ' s Acts of the Apostless is built-in to the surveies of public presentation [>]

U.s. intervention in the ussr mujahideen assignment

Policy did not seem to recognize that Jihad, a concept strong enough to war over, would affect the opinions and actions of Afghans toward the non-Muslim United States after the war with the USSR was over, especially after the deserted them in the way that they did. And in turn, did not consider [>]

Sub contracting and partnering and framework agreements construction essay

It further proceeds to evaluate the benefits and disbenefits and assesses the consequences of a possible return to the more traditional model of contracting and sub-contracting within the industry. The location of the role of the project actors and the way in which they are linked are fundamental features for project management system [>]

Tony kytes the arch deceiver, the son’s veto and the withered arm, by thomas hardy essay sample

The background of the writer is reflected very much in the settings and characters.' Wessex' is the setting for nearly all of Hardy's novels and short stories. The Withered Arm is narrated in the third person and its complexity is also shown in the climax of the story where Hardy's skill as a [>]


A further consideration In the choice of brand vales for Titan was they should enable the brand to sell at a price premium over similar competing options this was an integral part of the business strategy of the company. Another development in the market was the rapid growth of the MIFF segment of [>]

Peripheral arterial disease: causes, symptoms and treatments

The initial injury to the endothelial cells, the inner lining of the artery wall, can be caused by many of the risk factors seen in PAD: smoking, hypertension, diabetes, hyperhomocystinemia, dyslipidemia, and increased C-reactive protein levels. The test can confirm the diagnosis of PAD, even in patients who are asymptomatic, and is useful [>]

Fiis registered in india name number finance essay

If we look at the historic data, over the years, therefore one of the most important features of the development of stock market in India in the last 20 years has been the growing participation of FIIs. The number of new FIIs registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India has declined [>]

Examining motivational strategies in multinational organisations

Motivation is inspiring and encouraging people to work more and contribute for achieving the objectives of the company The creation of the desire and willingness to perform the job efficiently is known as motivation Motivation is a psychological and sociological concept as it relates to human behavior and human relations. The process of [>]

Development of quality and service improvement agenda nursing essay

In the perspective of health and social care sector, Quality is defined as the level of services in the health and social care enhances the outcomes of health. The strategies have the main motto of improving the service quality in the health care for the patients and their respective families Quality improvement agenda [>]

Compare and contrast two policy areas economics essay

The argument of this paper is that in the implementation of policy-making, while the characteristics of ' the policy cycle model' and ' the Kingdon's garbage-can model' may appear together, there may actually be only one model which would manifest itself or dominate to policy making process. Secondly, it will describe the implementation [>]

Transportation system reliability and safety

The creation of IC engines in the early twentieth century reformed the car part and developmental changes in the car outlines have prompted to the vehicles that are seen on the streets nowadays. With the expanding ocean investigation of the world that started in the mid 1400s, the specialty of mapmaking bloomed.

The report is designed to determine fonterra business commerce essay

In the forms of part B, a good consideration and study of resources is the initial step for organization. In order to attain the goals, the report keen out how to accomplish the key tasks, such as operation tasks, marketing task and HRM tasks.lastly, the report review and evaluate the possibility of resources, [>]

Materialism in the millennial generation: impact on the fashion industry

The study highlights how the materialism behaviour of the youth are going to change the images of streetwear and the creative process in the fashion industry. Lastly, the study is to convey a message to the society about the effect of materialism on the youth and how it is going to shape the [>]

Pituitary adenoma diagnostic value of dynamic mr imaging biology essay

Comparing the MR signal intensity and the size of the pituitary microadenomas in both conventional and dynamic scans, 60% the microadenomas were depicted only in the dynamic scans. It was found that with increase in the lesion size, the detection in the both early dynamic and conventional scans tend to be equal while [>]

The effect of sex tourism essay

The better the image of a destination, the greater the likelihood of tourists selecting that destination. As a result of this, the main purpose of the study is to investigate the impacts of the sex tourism on the destination image.

Relationship between government and business in japan

Governments aim to fulfill the aims to the best that they can in order to maximize social benefits but the methods adopted by the Japan government to achieve the goals might not be the same as other countries. We would focus on Japan's past industrial policy, expansionary fiscal and monetary policies during the [>]

Quantity surveying estimating methods impact

ISM define, the Quantity Surveyor as the experts of capable in cost and management of construction projects and also need to price the Bills of Quantities, negotiating and agreeing schedule of rates. As mentioned by Keith Potts, the basic challenges faced by the Contractor's Estimator is to estimate the costs of constructing a [>]

Thomas friedman wrote that globalization history essay

Using the evolution of the hoe to the modern plow as an initial metaphor, examples are drawn of the effect and shift of globalization throughout history. The term, " globalization," was in use in The Chicago Defender as early as 1944 and first popularized during the Bretton Woods conference of World War II [>]

The uppsala internationalization process model business essay

The review mainly explains the various theories of internationalization, motives for internationalization in emerging markets, the strategy that are used by the emerging firms, and the process and benefits that the emerging economies firms gain from having internationalization. The most important factors the emerging countries need to be followed as the role of [>]

Effectiveness of parental involvement

For instance, parents' activities to encourage children learning, prepare convenient environment for children and help children learning task because children spend most of the time at home with their parents and the amount of time children spend in school for the eighteen years of their lives is small. It states " parents or [>]

Multibody dynamic modelling racing car suspension biology essay

Modifications can be made to the design of the suspension design very quickly and the results can be compared visually. Every dimension, parameter and material characteristic can be defined in the model and the geometry of the suspension can be adjusted by adjusting the hardpoints of the model.

Sokoto jihad and the formation of the caliphate assignment

Payment of the tribute was also incumbent on all the emirs and the loyalty of the individual emirs was measured by the promptness and regularity of payment. Similarly, the volume of tribute was determined by the wealth of the emirate and the degree of its loyalty to Sotto.

Crisis of governance in pakistan politics essay

Governance is generally conceived as the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to improve the quality of life of the people. The political process lies at the core of governance and this can be said to be efficient only if elections are free and fair, the elected are accountable, whereas authority is [>]

Rupert murdoch media mogul case study

In order to successfully implement changes and improvements in News Corp's HRM policy and approaches, improvements and alterations in Murdoch's leadership style and approach need to be implemented. For years there has been interest in the importance of developing HRM: from hard approaches that looked at employees as a cost to be managed [>]

Determinants of unemployment rate in the united states

In general, growth and unemployment are closely related as unemployment affects the growth rate through the scale of operation of an economy. One may wonder the about the impact which economic growth, inflation and FDI have on the unemployment rate of the United States of America as the clutches of unemployment are hard [>]

Hardy and dickens. countryside verses the city.

In contrast to ' the hot exhausted air, and...the dust and grit that lay thick on everything'p135 in the City, the first description of the countryside in Hardy's novel of the personified night sky is alluring; ' the twinkling of all the stars'p19 that ' seemed to be but throbs of one body, [>]

Export cycle of a shipping line economics essay

The objective of the project undertaken was to study the problems of the upcountry exporters with particular reference to ICD. To study the problems of the upcountry exporters with particular refrence to ICD To study the workings of the study.

A report on nuclear weapons engineering essay

Each of these components is known as a " stage," with the fission bomb as the " primary" and the fusion capsule as the " secondary". In the boosted bomb, the neutrons produced by the fusion reactions serve primarily to increase the efficiency of the fission bomb.

Disorders of sexual development health and social care essay

The nurse practitioner is the ideal patient and family advocate, providing education and anticipatory guidance about diagnosis, complications, and treatment options; acting as a liaison between specialists and translating specialty findings; helping the patient and family through psychological and social stresses; and ensuring comprehensive, holistic, and continuous primary care in childhood for the [>]

Spa and wellness trends in tourism

The growth of spa facilities and increased awareness worldwide has led to spa-inspired beauty products, as well as the opening and blossoming of groundbreaking spas and resort all over the world. The word Spa and the idea behind it derive from the time of the Roman Empire when a big number of soldiers [>]

A critical analysis of indias foreign policy history essay

In the present circumstances besides US, the growing influence of China, Russia, Japan and South Korea in the Middle Eastern region merits particular attention from the perspective of India's policy towards Middle East region.[4]Out of the said group India and China are on verge of transforming into greater players in the region on [>]

Treatment of class ii malocclusion health and social care essay

The intent of this survey was to compare the skeletal, dental and soft tissue effects of Bionator contraptions with Multi-P contraptions in the intervention of Class II malocclusion. The comparing of the average values from the beginning and the terminal of the survey in each group were made by the usage of a [>]

Closing the achievement gap education essay

The policy primer discloses the nature of the achievement gap problem, its history, and the different state's efforts to solve the existing problem. The framework of the NCLB allows a student to transfer to other schools located at the same district if he fails to pass the test performance set by the school.

Overview of ethical dimension in decision making process commerce

Even though they are perceived this manner, yet they have a pick to follow either their ain values or the company values enshrine in CSR, which harmonizing to Institute of Business Ethics is " the nucleus values and codifications of ethical behaviours that underpin everything that the concern does and how a company [>]

Occupational therapy communication

Also included in documentation of patients are goals set by the patient and Occupational Therapist, and the plan for treatment decided by the Occupational Therapist. 3 The information included in documentations should be considered extremely important and an Occupational Therapist needs to spend time considering the information needed for the documentation and the [>]

The iraq war and international law

There is a trend toward judging the domestic actions of a state in light of international ' law' and ' standards' but the consistent lack of consensus, forceful capacity and machiavellian disabilities of the so-called United Nations even in fields such as the environment, disease and poverty of common interest to the entirety [>]

Philosophy prenatal testing proposal

We will be investigating the development of the scientific truth/method, the advancements of prenatal technology, the role society played in its upbringing and the impact prenatal testing has on humanity. IPS Integrated Prenatal Testing In this case, ultrasound technology and blood samples can be used in the 11th and 13th week of pregnancy [>]