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Eng 345 summary of poem & name/author

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poem talking about how ” my muse” sits forlorn and in the cold and ” I” only listen to her when I am unhappyMy Muse by Stevie Smithauthor talking about how she saw Medusa once and didn’t turn to stone like how she expected to, she was a fish that escaped to a magical reed and then at the end realizes she is MedusaThe Muse as Medusa by May Sartonunderstanding the Muse once the author is older because now she has more wisdom than beforeOf the Muse by May Sartontalking about her husband and bringing her a glass of water and blue lizardOf the Dressing-Room by Medbh McGuckianWomen writing about their own experiences, how she was defined as white before female, location is a big part of your ” luck” Notes toward a Politics of Location by Adrienne RichWomen need to write more, even if they can’t write well they need to do it more oftenA Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolfa few lines of poetry written over and over again in different waysPatriarchal Poetry by Gertrude Steingirl who hates her sister and has an angry uncle/grandpa and eventually moves to the post office where she works to get away from her crazy familyWhy I Live at the P. O. by Eudora Weltytrying to find out about her historical background, she talks about how her mother found her ” garden” and how now she is finding her ownIn Search of our Mothers’ Gardens by Alice Walkervery straight forward and radical and basically tells women to write and asks them why they don’t and a lot of it is because of men who hold too much powerThe Laugh of Medusa by Helene Cixoustalks about erotic in different ways and how it doesn’t always mean sex but can be found in other waysThe Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power by Audre Lordeschool girls are obsessed with their teacher’s breasts, but it’s not just that. they are fascinated by her as a whole and I think it is because they are going through puberty and their teacher represents this vision of how they one day see themselvesMadame Alaird’s Breasts by Dionne Brand3 sisters receive a doll house and they are so happy and hold this power bc all of the kids at school want to see it and so they show them in groups of 2 and exclude 2 sisters because their mom is essentially a housekeeper and their father is in jail but the youngest sister shows the 2 sisters one day and their aunt finds out and yells at them but they are happy they were able to see it even for a short period of timeThe Doll’s House by Katherine Mansfieldthe author is talking about her lover’s wife and how she is the one that has his love and she doesn’t, she fades but his wife will always be thereFor My Lover, Returning to his Wife by Anne Sextonthe 2 girls and 1 boy, one of the girls gets raped and eventually killed and her best friend has to live with this for the rest of her lifeThe Girl by Sharon Oldstalking about an individual or shared sex and how people can be connected by just sex if they don’t love each otherSex Without Love by Sharon olds ONENG 345 SUMMARY OF POEM & NAME/AUTHOR SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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