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Emotional intelligence paper

Since this realization has become more of a reality emotional intelligence has now grown to be largely accepted and essential in understand a person and the way that they think and the way they act. This paper is going to talk about the differences between the traditional cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence while also talking about the use people use emotional intelligence in their everyday life. Traditional Cognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence Traditional Cognitive Intelligence which is also known as ‘Q, which is the ability to gain, understand, preserve, and recall knowledge for use in the future.

The word intelligence suggests the use of thinking, reasoning, ND problem solving. Cognitive intelligence does not reflect any emotions, feelings, or behavior. Yet there are many other portions of the brain those different characteristics of intelligence along with Judgment are held. This is the cerebrum, specifically the frontal lobe that is responsible for learning along with intelligence and Judgment. In the frontal lobe is where the control of creative thought, abstract thinking, problem solving, Judgment, and intellect is done.

According to Mayer, Salvoes, and Caruso (2006) emotional intelligence is ” the capacity of reason about motions, and of emotions to enhance thinking. It also includes the abilities of accurately perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth” (p. 197). To better understand the definition, emotional intelligence has been put into five sections.

The first is the understanding of a ones emotions or have self-awareness which is truly the heart of emotional intelligence. Being able to recognize your own feelings as they come up and have the ability to monitor those feelings is an major part of this step. The second step is to be able to control ones emotions which is also known as self- management and is also build off self-awareness. This is when a person and control their feelings as they act appropriate in different situations. The third is self- motivation, which is controlling our emotions to be able to reach a goal.

The fourth is the ability is to identify the emotions of other people around them. This is also called empathy which is critical is people skills, because people want their emotions recognized, which also helps build a relationship that has trust and respect on both ends. Last is handling a relationship which is the ability to handle the emotions of other people. How well people are able to handle relationships could mean the difference a good or a bad relationship in all aspects of life when it comes to work, personal, or home life (Goldman, 2006).

Like cognitive intelligence there are different parts of the brain that handles the different parts of emotions, but it is primarily anteed in the limbic system. This is located in different parts of the brain, and in these parts of the brain is where it is recognized and helps manages the body reaction to different emotions. Emotional Intelligence in Work, Home, and Personal Life Emotional intelligence plays a large role in all aspects of life, the workplace is no different.

Origin (2013) says ” while academic or verbal intelligence (Q) matters there are different forms of intelligence that are equally important to be successful in the work place” (Para. L). There was a time where people believed that all a person only needed to have a high IQ in order to be successful in the workplace, but now it is known that having emotional intelligence is something that is needed. It is something that you need to be able to work and or manage other people.

When in a leadership role and having a lot of emotional issue can show that working in a group much less leading that group with hard for all people who are involved. This is exactly why employers are now looking for people that not only have a high IQ but also who have emotional intelligence. It is interesting because now the person who may be the smartest may not be the best person for the Job. Emotional intelligence is something that is also used in a person’s personal and home life as well.

Dealing with and handling relationships is the fifth element to emotional intelligence which falls right into your home and personal life as well. Knowing how to and deal with and listen to other people’s emotions will help in a person’s life because it will help there be less stress in life. When life is there is one less thing to stress about whether it be with our relationship with your spouse or children take advantage on letting this part of your life go smooth by meeting the needs of the people around you.

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