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Elizabethan drama

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Thesis Statement: The love of Queen Elizabeth I for arts played a significant role in the development of theater during the 15th century in Europe. It paved the way on the discovery of some of the greatest playwrights of all times and also had a major influence on the lifestyle and thinking of the society in general.

I. Emergence of theater in London

a. Historical background of theater in London

b. Introduction to Elizabethan drama (1558-1603)

II. Overview of Elizabethan drama

a. Themes and styles

b. Major works and playwrights

III. Critical Overview

a. Noted influence in the society

b. Reactions of different classes on theater as important element of society.

I. Conclusion

a. How the theater shaped the society of London

b. The impact it created on how the world view theater as an important form of art.

c. Elizabethan drama as an inspiration for playwrights across the globe.

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