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Electronic gadgets

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In school Provide and discuss the Implication of the new ruling from Ministry of Education , In allowing students to bring their electronics gadgets to school Discuss your views from different perspective. Nowadays, we can easily get a mobile phone at a cheap and affordable price. Having a cellophane will ease the user to communicate and the Ministry of Education Is considering to allow students to bring their electronics gadgets to school.

As a discipline teacher from SMACK , I think that there are pros and cons in order to allow this new rule in the school. Firstly, having a cellophane will ease the communication between the teachers and the students. If the teacher Is absent, the students can easily ask other teachers to teach them during the free period Thus the students will make full use of their time with lessons instead of wasting time. In addition, using electronic gadgets such as I-pad, smart phone or android phone can Increase the students knowledge about IT.

The students can learn from e-book , the Internet or educational software _ There are a lot of educational sources from the internet. Therefore, teachers can variety their teaching byusing the gadgetstoo in order to expose the students about technology. For instance, teacher can introduce Geometer’s Sketch Pad while teaching Mathematics for the Transformations to the students. Instead of using graph paper, students can use this software to learn this topic. Apart from that, using electronic gadgets at school will reduce the usage of paper .

School uses hundred stacks of paper every year for the students work sheet. This will harm the environment. Therefore, using laptop and I-pad can overcome this problem and be more environmental friendly. However, approving this rule may be dangerous as well as it may increase the percentage of juvenile crimes in school. Beating the juniors Just to get their I-phone, stealing friend’s laptop and torturing the students in order to obtain their gadgets may happen because today’s youngsters can be out of controlled if they are not trained with disciplines.

These cases will burden me as the school’s discipline teacher. Handling the youngsters are not as easy as BBC but It requires tons of In a nutshell , I personally disagree with the new rule as it may cause a lot of Juvenile cases in the future among the students. Even though there are some advantages in bringing electronics gadgets to school, the cons are even contagious. Therefore, as prevention is better then cure, the Ministry of Education should reconsider of approving this rule.

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