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Electoral college

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Electoral College
An electoral college comprises of a group of electors who are chosen to elect a candidate to a certain office. Since 1964, in United States, 538 electors have been selected in each presidential election. This is in line with article II, section 2 of the US constitution, which clearly outlines the number of electors that every state should have. It also spells out how those electors should be chosen.
The Electoral College is an illustration of an indirect election, unlike the popular vote as the measure for electing the president. I support the Electoral College since; it gives a chance all citizens to air their views in a representative way, which is an act of exercising democracy in a free and fair manner (Neale 2010). On the other hand, if we just use popular vote, for instance, the main cities on the eastern and western costal region of the US could be making a decision the CIC always.
Furthermore, the Electoral College has survived and is still flourishing for over a period of 200 years in electing the president and other government officials. The Electoral College system supports the two party systems, something that has significantly played a vital role in maintaining peace and stability among the people of America. Therefore, I advocate that the Electoral College ought to continue being used for conducting presidential elections (Neale 2010).
Though the Electoral College is not perfect, the system has significantly tried to curb and solve many challenges that are experienced when conducting elections. To mention among the many problems, bribing, corruption among the officials and even other misconduct during elections, have been in a fabulous way been dealt with appropriately. Nevertheless, the system is not ideal, buts I do not believe that by employing the popular vote as a measure for electing the president would solve the many problems that at moment the Electoral College has solved.
Neale, T. (2010). Electoral College Reform: 111th Congress Proposal and Other CurrentDevelopments. Darby, PA: Diane Publishing.

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