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Effective global leadership

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Effective Global Leadership al Affiliation) Effective Global Leadership Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy, , convincingly argue that most managers acknowledge that globalization is a prominent development in the business world. In this case, they adopt an autocratic leadership style to steer organizations to global recognition. Autocratic managers utilize the requirements of leadership as outlined by Rebecca Hourston in “ 7 Steps to A Truly Effective Leadership Style.” However, autocratic managers completely ignore some steps because they base leadership on subjective opinions and judgments.
Seven Steps to a Truly Effective Leadership Style
Be Bold
According to Hourston, (2013), boldness defines autocratic managers. They acknowledge that being bold is the primary element for steering the organization upwards. In addition, autocratic managers have all the attention directed to them. Like Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic, autocratic managers are great visionaries and appreciate that boldness is critical to establish and maintain a global profile.
Be Strengths-Savvy
Autocratic managers are technocrats. They understand their leadership style as part of their personality. In addition, they acknowledge that leadership stems from adhering to their natural strengths. Therefore, autocratic managers are strengths-savvy.
Stretch Your Leadership Style
Contrary to being strengths savvy and bold, autocratic managers stick to their leadership style. They believe that adopting other leadership styles would be contradictory. It would be against their natural strengths to stretch autocratic leadership to accommodate other leadership styles such as the Laissez-faire and democratic leadership.
Be “ Going Somewhere”
Similar to being bold, autocratic managers are visionaries. They set the direction in a compelling manner. Autocratic managers are known to be trustworthy, and employees rely on the objectives set for effective business performance. Therefore, autocratic managers possess the basic needs of followers; that is, be “ going somewhere.”
Be Follower-Focused
Autocratic managers are not conscious of human and social contribution. In addition, they limit the ability of employees to be innovative, rather focus on their opinion towards securing a resilient future for the organization.
Be Balanced
Like all managers, autocratic managers are balanced in terms of sustainable thought and action. They appreciate the consequences of their leadership style and strive to focus on the long-term objective of global recognition.
Be True to You
Autocratic managers are trustworthy, authentic, and true to their word. In addition, their consistency is what makes them genuine, passionate, and proud.
Strive for Empowerment
All managers adopting a specific or multiple leadership styles should strive for empowerment. It is rather hypothetical to strive for global recognition while suppressing the need for employee empowerment. Employees need to grow within the ranks as a form of reward, motivation, or both. Therefore, empowerment is a basic step to a truly effective leadership style.
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