EduPony’s Copyright Principles

At EdyPony, we respect and follow copyright principles and laws.  

EduPony website contains free user-generated written content to support students willing to improve their academic writing results. Since we do not generate the content ourselves, our service needs a strict framework of copyright laws. Its goal is to protect the authors holding intellectual property rights. 

Our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy provide further enforcement of the following rules. 

EduPony follows the Copyright Principles below: 

  • We implement the instant removal of any content that breaks any copyright laws from our website.  
  • We ban users who break main copyright rules, including those mentioned in our Terms & Conditions.  
  • We publish exclusively genuine and ethically correct content on our website.  
  • We ensure the best possible privacy of copyright holders after posting fair-use copyrighted content on our website.  
  • We inform those who submit their content to our website about the potential risks of copyright violations. The information about potential risks is available through a notification system for users. It is made for them to know all the penalties and possible consequences of copyright violations.  
  • We spend the shortest time possible responding to copyright claims. We honor the rights of intellectual property owners – the authors of the content. It is possible to fill a claim through our DMCA Request page. You can do it by reaching out to us at [email protected] as well. 

We invite all copyright owners to read through our Terms & Conditions to make sure that EduPony has the best intentions. EduPony also ensures that all website users honor and follow fair use regulations.  

All copyright holders can contact us if they have any viable proof of their copyright being infringed. We ask you to withhold directing the claims, particularly at EduPony. Our service does not have any direct responsibility for the content except for offering the platform for its creation and distribution.  

EduPony intends to maintain integrity inside its system to help students improve their academic performance and achieve educational success. For that system to work correctly, copyright holders have to understand our principles well.  

If you have any additional questions about copyright, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]