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Educational provision in germany

David Phillips and Kimberly Ochs provide detailed insight into comparative research and within educational s. They indicate that there are four stages in the policy borrowing process which can be identified as a cross-national attraction, decision, implementation, and internalization. This brief analysis explores the author’s description and research methods involved at each stage.
In terms of British attraction in Germany, they focused on 6 primary areas which were universal popular education that is provided by the government, compulsory elementary provision, teacher education requirements, local school provisions, school inspection, Pestalozzian and other teaching approaches.
In terms of the decision-making stage, the authors indicate that decision more often than not fall into 4 primary categories. The first category is theoretical whereby the government decides on an issue without having an executable policy. Next is realist and practice whereby the government makes a decision that it is capable of acting on using its existing resources. Third, the quick fix is a band-aid solution that merely covers up the problems and by no means attempts to solve the core issues. Finally, the phoney category represents overly politicized policy decisions that lack serious considerations for actual implementation.
The third step is indeed implementation which is specific to the entity having the capacity to execute all aspects of the educational model. This includes having human resources and infrastructure. Finally, the internalization stage is where the authors indicated that they are best able to determine the motives of political figures involved in the process. Moreover, this is the face where the educational process becomes the overall strategy of the borrowing country.

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