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Eating disorders

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Binge eating disorder affiliation Binge eating disorder In recent years eating disorders have caused great concerns in the health of many individuals. Some eating disorders have severe effects if the affected person does not consider treatment or exercising. According to Mitchell & Zwaan (2007) eating disorders have little effect if an individual has constant exercises in keeping fit. However, exercise cannot achieve the required healing to eating disorders. Specific treatments should be considered when dealing with eating disorders. Many treatments for eating disorders are psychological based treatments. In this writing I will focus on binge eating disorder (BED) and the possible treatments for the disorder.
Binge eating disorder is accompanied by shape and weight concerns, mood symptoms, personality issue and the eating disorder. In many instances the disorder is mostly accompanied by cases of obesity. About 8% of all people with obesity suffer from binge eating disorder (Mitchell & Zwaan, 2007). In the treatment of binge eating disorder there are two separate approaches. The first approach is the dealing with the self training and stops the eating anxiety while the second approach advocates for dealing with obesity first before tackling the disorder.
However, the eradication of obesity from the patients forms the most important part of the treatment (Mitchell & Zwaan, 2007). If an individual suffering from binge eating disorder is relieved from obesity they are likely to turn to healthy eating or make the treatment of the eating disorder simpler. If a treatment only focuses on eradicating the disorder, obesity will kill the healing morale of the individual. The treatment of the disorder aims at addressing an individual’s thoughts and behaviors towards eating and personal image. With these factors considered the healing and tackling of the treatment would be easier but tackling obesity first would be more efficient.
Mitchell, J. & Zwaan, M. (2007). Binge eating disorder: Clinical foundation and treatment. New York: Guilford Press.

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