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E-world communication

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They will develop an impression of others from the interpersonal information that they receive and if they like what has been formed in their minds, based on what has been written, then they will get to know each other more.
The question, ” Are those people who depend on E- world getting less sociable than those
who communicate others face to face” is addressed in the book titled, A First Look at Communication Theory. The book corresponds with Walther’s social information theory, which suggests that people can still draw closer with the same quality and quantity of interpersonal knowledge but at an extended amount of time. Using the film You’ve Got Mail as a case study the book’s author Griff (date) states that “(the characters’) words illustrate the verbal cues and extended time features of SIP theory, as well as Walther’s subsequent thinking.” If people form good impressions of each other via CMC, then the self-fulfilling prophecy of a person’s expectations causing another to respond accordingly will occur. Believe in it and it will happen is basically what this prophecy suggests.
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Simon (2005) reports that the SIP theory suggests, ” The person’s behavioral response to the cues occurs as a function of a sequence of mental processes, beginning with the encoding of cues through perception. The vastness of available cues requires selective attention to cues… Selective encoding is partially predictive of ultimate behavior Social-information-processing theory posits that people engage in these mental processes over and over during social interactions and that within particular types of situations, individuals develop characteristic patterns of processing cues” These statements tie in with Walther’s SIP theory and help to answer the question of this study. People who use E-world communication are not getting less sociable, it just takes them longer but eventually, the connection is there.
Ormand (1999) states the SIP suggests that ” people learn from one another people are often reinforced for modeling the behavior of others behavior itself leads to reinforcing consequences”
Gallivan, Spitler, and Koufaris (2005) report that information technology training is necessary as people do interact and socialize using CMC according to the SIP theory. The writers report, ” Drawing from research on social information processing theory, and acknowledging the role of other individuals within the work context that shapes employees’ learning, values, and behavior, we propose a framework to explain employees’ adoption of IT and their level of usage within organizations, featuring both individual-level factors and factors related to the social information processing influence of coworkers. Our results show that an employee’s coworkers exert an important influence on IT usage, whereas individual-level factors exhibit more modest effects.”
In conclusion, CMC allows people who use E-world communication to be sociable as they zone in on verbal clues, according to SIP theory. Although it takes a longer amount of time than
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regular communication, people are drawn to one another if they like the perception that they have about others based on the text that has been received. In some instances, people can even be more sociable using E-world communication than face-to-face as they can avoid such barriers as shyness, body language, face-to-face interaction, etc. Hence, E-world does not make people less sociable than those who communicate face-to-face.

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