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E-learning through internet services

Historically, the world centuries sustained a very hard time due to conservatism and backwardness of the people. No such sophisticatedtechnologytools for assisting human’s tasks. Communicationwas also very hard to reach at that time due to the limitation of technological media devices. Literally the civilization had undergone a substantial movement toward the human resource development. People began doing experiments and creating some opuses to help their job.

Eventually, the world societies today have succeeded to invent a useful technology tools to represent and ease human’s activities in the 21st centuries. So does Indonesia, we finally also could achieve the benefit of its advantages and wake up from any restrictiveness. Beforehand, while Ki Hadjar Dewantara, the first minister ofeducationin Indonesia, built education facilities for Indonesian society establishment. However, learning was not effective. Learning might just learn about history and uncertain knowledge. At that moment, the media experienced retardation, even not all.

Indonesia was very slowly and vulnerably running for education quality standard because the lack of resources at almost all aspects in the country. In addition the people should move to overseas countries to seek more knowledge and experience. It was different from the presence, we can know starting education since early age to university level and the system has been upgraded and standardized. One very good and simple example of Technology developments that is Internet which in the same time it also produces a more sophisticated system for education world like we call E-learning.

E-Learning is the learning process through multimedia based-class. Its process is completed with sophisticated electronic devices to support Teaching Learning Process. As the result of E-Learning and Multimedia Based-Class, we will understand more broadly about the lesson andsciencethrough supporting media. E-learning is not applied by using computer, television or LCD Projector only, further, we can also operate it by internet services to find broader and wider information online, news or science.

In the system of E-Learning through Internet Services both tecaher and students will be possibly integrated one another so that Learning Process must be more effective and efficient. Beyond that, there are two benefits at least of E-learning those are: it can bring benefits for students. They will be easier to find a wider knowledge through the internet services; they can also consult withteacherabout lesson or homework online with Long Distance Learning (LDL) system. It also brings benefit for teacher.

The teachers will be easier to update and browse the new materials for teaching and get easier to find other data source by Internet Utilization. In particular, the implementation of E-Learning system can enhance and escalate gradually the school societies as consequence the school achievement might be visible and obtained. As a matter of fact that nowadays internet also has negative impact towards teenagers. Many people tend to blame the media on social morality disorder.

Mostly people assume internet service can bring much harm to the youth, because in fact today many kids misuse the media for bad things such as watching blue movies, browsing porno pictures and dating-courtship. Therefore, in this case, parent’s and teachers’ role is necessary to control the Internet Use. We cannot possibly blame the media, because the media only useful objects as supporting system to accomplish people’s tasks, to help learning process and to discover new information.

Eventually, hoping government may help people to support society’s education and to implement E-learning through Internet Services as Long Distance Learning System at school is one good thing to do as a resident. Education budget should be increased in order that Indonesian young generations are not away behind from developed countries human resources. In summary, E-learning is Online Long Distance Learning used to support Teaching Leaning Process at Classroom. E-learning makes teaching learning process work more effective and efficient to create a better and modern Teching Learning Design.

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