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The Not-So-Bright Idea: Provide Coors with an opening into the bottled water market by offering Rocky Mountain spring water. The Lesson Learned: Another example of brand extension gone awry was when Coors tried to cash in on the bottled water boom. On first blush, the decision to sell water from refreshing Rocky Mountain springs seemed like a logical plan with the potential for big profits, but it was not to be. Legend has it that the Coors label on the bottle only managed to confuse the public. Whatever the reason, sales languished and Coors’ bottled water experiment ended quickly.

Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water The World’s Most Refreshing – Water? That might have been the company’s newest tagline to promote its spring water, which it uses to brew its famous beer, if the idea caught on. But, even the company’s loyal following weren’t chugging for the idea of cool and refreshing water. I think its safe to say people aren’t into a pitcher of water during happy hour if it isn’t mixed with some yeast and barley as well to make that special time after work a truly happy one.

Coors begins regional sparkling water sales. – Modern Brewery Age Coors begins regional sparkling water sales For the first time since Prohibition, Coors Brewing Co. is selling a non-alcoholic beverage, a new product called Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water, company officials said last week. The product goes on sale this week in Colorado, Arizona and Northern California cities that primarily are in the San Francisco area, Coors spokesman Heidi Buehler Nogues said. ‘Bottled water is the fastest-growing beverage category in America,’ John Recca, brand development manager, said in a news release.

‘The timing is right for us to take advantage of our legendary water source.’ The product is made by Coors Brewing Co., which is a business unit of the Coors Brewing Co. Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water will be packaged in 6. 5-ounce, six-pack bottles and in 28-ounce bottles, officials said. It will be available in original, lemon lime and cherry flavors. In the past five years, the bottled water marketplace has grown about 10 percent, primarily because of the consumer interest in health and fitness, Coors said. A key to Coors’ product is the use of pure, Rocky Mountain spring water, an ingredient that has made the company’s beers famous for 50 years, Coors said. ‘The new product also provides the company with a good opportunity to diversify its beverage line and provide consumers with new choices,’ Coors officials said. ‘This is especially important with the growing national trend toward moderate alcohol consumption.’

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