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Document analysis on american imperialism

The paper ” The Influence of the 1898 Spanish-American War on the Formation of Civilization” is a wonderful example of a term paper on history. The Spanish American war in 1898 came to an end after the Spanish forces were defeated. America then took control of Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico in hopes to liberate their people from the Spanish rule that they had grown accustomed to. A mission statement was prepared in regards to US expansionism. Josiah Strong states that every race has had some great impact on the formation of civilization, as well as the outcome of the specific nation (1-2). While this can be considered true for some races, such as the Anglo Saxon, it cannot be agreed upon for other races, especially when viewed in a positive manner. Yet, the article goes on to say that the Anglo Saxon people are the ones that brought upon and allowed the majority of these changes and that Christianity was their cause for doing so (7). Christianity should be such a big thing to allow for such changes is plausible, seeing as the majority of rule and law were founded on Christian principles.
According to Strong, it must be up to the English and American people to bring Christianity to the rest of the world (10). Without Christianity, the world would be an unlawful, crazy place. The Anglo Saxon was said to be the greatest representatives of these ideas and attempts at sanity (11), which can be agreed upon, as they were the most versed people to accomplish such a task.
Just as the Anglo Saxons are apparently the leading race, North America is considered to be the leading continent, due to having great resources, influences, a decent climate, and the highest population and wealth (17-20). It is said that North America was the greatest example for what a nation, or a continent, should look like, just as the Anglo Saxon were a great example for what people should be like in how they live and act. The Anglo Saxons wanted to bring the success of North America to Great Britain (21), where the ideas of Christ and Christianity were not being properly told, and so were being inappropriately interpreted and acted on. The United States was said to have great influence in regards to Christianity, and that it was not something that was misused for the power and benefit of others (23).
The Anglo Saxons were well known for their money-making abilities, in the sense that they did not misuse the powers and control that they had to get what they needed (25-26). Wealth was important to them, but so was keeping to the morals that they so often preached about to others, trying to spread the wealth. Strong claims that while England is the richest nation in Europe, North American still beats her in the sense that we have morals attached to our claims at wealth and that we were still only fresh in gathering our vast resources (25-28).
America’s responsibilities, as written by Alfred Thayer, go on to say that the Philippines belong to the United States (50) and that we will not abandon them in our attempts to bring Christianity about (52-53). The United States will continue to keep God above all that they do (55), which, unfortunately, no longer applies given the separation of church and state. Europe will begin to lose their connection with us in regards to trade and resources (57-58). The majority of the responsibilities given to America involved keeping people on a religious, moral path, and to help spread it among other countries and less fortunate people. The American Republic are the rulers of the Pacific, so we cannot let this happen (65-66).

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