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Diwali experience

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“ Diwali Delight” The best feeling is to have all your long-time unseen relatives and friends gather around together and have a blast. Recently on my dad’s birthday, the day of October 26th, the start of Diwali, can be as delightful as any of your cultural holidays. Diwali is the festival of lights. Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. My dad was the first one to come to the United States in my whole, family, which makes me second generation Indian. He came from India for his masters in Alabama by the usual way of transportation: By flight.

My family celebrates Diwali in three main ways: By lighting firecrackers, having a big family feast where only the men cook, and also by dancing to traditional Indianmusic. Diwali doesn’t just bring me boats load of fun, but also helps me recognize how light helps us in our everyday lives. As most people know, the lighting of firecrackers on Diwali Is well-known as the main event. Usually by 7 or 8’oclock, the neighborhood starts erupting. In our family it is traditional to go to our cousin’s house for this part of the event.

All of the guests get one whole bag full of a different variety of firecrackers. The types include sparklers, rockets(which you blast), And also chain crackers, which are a hundreds of normal firecrackers put together. As the final crackers explode and the pictures are taken, we all head to our house, where we start the dinner feast. It is a custom in our family to let all the men cook a feast. As all the cars enter our driveway, all the men put on their baking gloves, and get ready to make a mess in the kitchen, while the women get very cautious about them and the children are playing in the backyard.

As we hear a big scream from the parents for dinner, all the children quickly evacuate into the house. As we enter, our nose gets filled with the delightful aroma of thefood. The food items prepared vary every year, which keeps us inanxiety. Recently, we had a type of Indian bread with different curries. Last but not least, we dance to traditional Bollywood music, which includes classical, vocational, and some of R&B music. After our food digests, we play music from an ipod and everybody dances in joy.

In conclusion, Diwali is always a great experience with your family members. I am proud that I am second generation Indian, and that we have a chance to celebrate Diwali. In my opinion, I believeour family celebrates this holiday the best by lighting up firecrackers, having a big family feast, and by dancing to traditional music. As said before, Diwali doesn’t just bring fun, but helps me recognize the importance of light in our everyday lives, which is believed to be the motive in ourcultureto celebrate this holiday.

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