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Disneyland criticism

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As was stated in the article, Disneyland had been “ called the happiest place on earth. ” But, beneath the world of amusement rides and fantasy lay Disneyland’s manipulative intent to cover-up gruesome deaths that were caused by these rides. Throughout the years, Disneyland’s response to the deaths that happened on its grounds is likened to a brisk walk in the park, wherein they opt to choose preserving the theme park’s image as against compensating the families of the victims. Security measures were put up later after the gruesome events happened.

Furthermore, Disneyland twisted some of the facts to drive away inquisitive observers, and in order to prevent the happenings from gaining pubic notice. Notice that one of Disneyland’s rules is not to call paramedics in time of emergencies so as not to disturb the park’s serene atmosphere. From the 1960s to the contemporary times, a significant number of lives have been claimed by the so called “ death rides. ” One would be perplexed that in this long period of time, the park’s management failed to foresee that these kinds of deaths could happen. Business goes on as usual, without conducting thorough investigation on these “ accidents.”

Monetary gain is always the primordial consideration more than the welfare of the theme park’s visitors; no wonder why some people hate Disneyland. Choosing pleasure over life explains the corrupt nature of the theme park. They might as well put a warning sign at the park’s entrance which reads “ enter at your own risk. ” The deaths can be attributed also to the negligent nature of other employees, wherein the management could have failed to instill in them the necessary training required to operate the park. Consequently, gross contributory negligence can be imputed also to the park’s managerial officers.

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