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This has been on my mind lately. We grow up in the world where equality is preached all around us. Because of this, a person may Just believe that modern societies are void of discrimination, that we’ve evolved, that it’s a thing of the past. But discrimination happens every day and on many levels: race, disability and, religion. One day, you wake up and realize equality may Just be a myth. You realize this when discrimination happens to you. While I have been in the United States, I have faced discrimination only one time y old man in Washington DC airport.

I was praying, and he thought I am terrorist. He starts to say bad words about my culture and my religion. I did not care about what he said, but I was really care one day that old man know he was wrong and changes his point view about Arab, because their believes are not the same. In my work, I have been discriminated against two times, and both were at the same Job by two different regional managers. I found myself a little bewildered because these were two giant corporations from which you’d expect professionalism.

Because every new employee must spend hours in training sessions regarding all of these issues before they are allowed to begin work, it catches you off guard when an executive breaks such basic rules. I worked with disabled people, especially students disabled. After the revolution of Libya there, were many students who were abandoned them, because their families were against the revolution and supporting the old system; however this is not excuse to treat them in differently. They are human beings and they have feelings, dignity, and respect.

My entire Job exists to fight differentiation yet. I still saw my students treated unfairly by their professors. When I confront a professor for administrating against the students, too often they become irritated. This is when I refer them to department head, who will explain to them their behavior is against social society and the law. Many do not actually care. I remember Last year, a professor even tried to threaten our department with legal action so they did not have to treat the disabled student the same as the other students.

I realize hanging curriculum takes effort and can cause hardship for the professor. However, by failing to do so, they are basically admitting publicly and without remorse that they don’t care if the deaf kid can’t hear. Again, this behavior is unexpected for this day and age. How about your actual family members and closest friends? The most shocking realization is we are not safe from racist viewpoints even at home. The other day I heard my cousin comment negatively about a different culture than ours and I began to explain to him that is Just a stereotype you see in cartoons.

First you are shocked that they don’t know this already but then you are shocked they don’t believe you. They believe the cartoon. The worst shock is to realize they are treating everyone they encounter from that culture as if the ridiculous stereotype is true. That is when real sadness sets in. We grow up in a world that talks so much about equality, out rarely Is equality entrance . It seems as IT t I Is Justas nice Idea. You can rationalize that the problem is Just that weird company, or a strange professor here and there. But discrimination is real and it is all around us.

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