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Digital goods and ethics essay examples

IS/IT and as a Part of Strategy

Give an example of a company that is using Information Systems as part of its competitive strategy.  Discuss what basic strategy the company is using and how IS helps support that strategy.
Apple has grown over the years due its innovative customer interaction. The customer interaction has been heightened by Apple’s numerous applications that enable it to understand different client needs. Each user of the Apple devices has unique preferences that are easily tapped into by Apple through a strong information system. This type of customer interaction is unique as it is tailor-made for each customer. The enhanced customer interaction is used by the company as a competitive strategy. This ensures that Apple maintains reputation as one of the most responsive company’s in the electronics industry. This would not have been possible without the use of a robust information system. The IS allows the company to gather valuable information from its clients. Applications such as iBooks and iTunes point out the customer’s preferences. Apple thus pools this data which is analyzed and identifies the unique attributes of each customer. It is at this point that an interaction is fostered through regular updates of new products, tips and trends. Through the information system, Apple can easily categorize its dynamic customer mix. The company can easily project its customer’s needs as well as responsiveness to its new products. The information system also will play a critical role in enhancing the company-client interactions that are already in place. With time will able to provide a hybrid communication platform that will enhance its ties with its end-consumers. Thus the collected data will be the foundation of the various fields of interaction between the customer and Apple such as marketing, after-sales services et cetera.

Intellectual property such as music, documents, and software is easy to find and copy on the internet. This could be considered both illegal and unethical, yet it happens all the time. How do you feel about this?  What, if anything, can be done to prevent this type of behavior?
It is true with the enhanced internet connectivity in this day and age illegal downloading of intellectual property has been heightened. A great number of people I know rarely purchase original music on the legitimate platforms such as iTunes. Piracy has been very possible through numerous sites hosted by many unethical developers that are not keen on ensuring the creators of the intellectual property get their rightful earnings. In my opinion, downloading intellectual property from unverified sites is illegal and unethical. It is outright criminal and punishable by law in many countries. It is also a big blow to many innovative individuals globally that invest much of their resources in creating new content. I agree there is need to compensate their efforts but through organized channels that can only be availed if piracy can be defeated. I believe that is the best course of managing piracy and theft of intellectual property.
This vice can be defeated through an integrated approach that incorporates public awareness and counter-measures. The public ought to be informed on the right channels of acquiring music, documents and software online. This will be essential in highlighting the benefits of supporting content creators through legitimate downloads and purchases. The authorities can take an active role of collaborating with a number of global browsers such as google. Through concerted efforts the two entities can track down creators of piracy sites on the online platform. The browsers can take an active role in blacklisting the said sites making them inaccessible to the unsuspecting public.

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