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Designing and writing a report

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Designing and Writing a Report Examinee/Client’s Name of the Counselor:
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George is a 30-year-old family man living with his wife, Nicky, and their two kids, Bryan and Michael who are 12 and 8 respectively. Nicky reports to having a problem communicating with her husband who comes home very late and is in a bad mood daily. Nicky even blames herself for her husband’s situation. Nicky is an attention seeker. She demands to know everything concerning her husband once he steps in. Bryan has the same characteristics as his mother. In fact, his is more than just seeking attention, he is a nagging boy who requests something from the parent and keeps on asking and mentioning the same thing once he sees the father. George lost his first wife in a tragic road accident a decade ago.
George is an employee with a cement manufacturing company where he works as a subordinate employee. The work at the company ends at 4 P. M. everyday. There are also complaints from wife to George. The work at the company is a physical one with resting or breaks time. The managing director of the company is a woman. The manager in charge of staff is also a woman.
George is the third born among his four brothers and a sister. The second child in the family is his sister. George’s father was an alcoholic and abused her mother severely. George was the youngest of them and he witnessed all the occasions when his father abused the mother. Three of George’s brothers are alcoholics. They are George’s closest friends. His sister is a drug dealer. He has never been in good terms with his sister. She has always been beating him up since their childhood. He hates her. His eldest brother drinks the most compared to other siblings. He normally walks around with a bottle of alcoholic drink, especially in the evening, from house to house greeting people (Greg). All his brothers dropped out of school except him who managed to reach Grade 10 before expulsion due to disciplinary cases and violation of school rules of going to clubs at night.
Concerning medical history and tests, he has been suffering from migraine headache. He has also been suffering from stomachache for the last one month mostly during the evening after work. He has also been having a lot of problems with vision, especially at night, night blindness. He rarely sleeps for more than an hour. He keeps on talking to himself at night. When at the hospital, he screams a lot, especially to the female nurses when they attempt to treat him. He does not like seeing them around. When interviewed, he says that he does not like seeing his wife or anybody who is a woman nearby him. He feels so bad about women and hates them all. He says that women have been frustrating his life for a very long time (Greg). George had difficulties in relationships during his two years in high school. His girlfriend abandoned him when he was expelled from the institution.
From the above evidence, it is true that George developed an inner hatred to the opposite gender. This is what frustrates him even at the workplace and thereafter. He had developed the hatred attitude from childhood as a result of his cruel sister. He is an individual who experiences a lot of internal conflict. His detached relationship from his family members acts as a defensive effort to help him deal with the emotional pain (Sommers, p. 198).
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