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Definitions for ethics gcse assignment

Freedom of speech ” The right to say what one desires. Gambling = Taking a risky action in hope of desired result, often to acquire money. Just War ” a war that is deemed to be morally or theologically justifiable egal ending ofa marriage = Divorce Media = The means of communication One cause Of world Hunger = One example of Gambling = Marble games, players will wage marbles One form of media = Television One role of a man in a Christian family. = To show loving leadership. One thing which takes place during a Christian marriage ceremony One way in which Animals are used for medical research= Test safety of other products

One way in which a Christian might support a charity = With money by donating 10% to the church which will then raise funds for a specific charity. One way in which Christians might put charity into practice = By committing themselves to voluntary work. Pacifism = The belief that it is wrong to use violence/war to settle disputes Prejudice = Forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts Racism = Poor treatment of / violence against people due to their race Reconciliation = The act Of causing two or more people to become friendly once more having previously experienced an argument Remarriage = A second or repeated marriage

Sexism = Unfair treatment of people due to their sex Social Justice = JustlCE in the terms of distribution of wealth/opportunities Take your own life= Suicide 2. Two beliefs Christians might have about cloning = Since the bible does not specifically deal with the subject of cloning Christians views differ upon this topic, some suggest that all life is sacred an unique due to God’s holy creation and should therefore not be trifled with others believe cloning is even a great sin as it is suggesting that we are as capable as God of procreating life and therefore to Compete with God in such a domain in Wrong in numerous aspects. o EXAMPLES OF RACISM = 1, BLACK PERSON having TO GIVE UP THEIR SEAT FOR WHITE PERSON SIMPLY DUE TO BELIEF IN RACIAL superiority 2, antisemitism (the animosity against Jews) Two examples of social injustice = 1, sexism 2, ageism Two forms of contraception that might be acceptable to some Christians = 1, Natural rhythm/abstinence 2, Condom (Prevents sperm from reaching ovule) Two reasons which a Christian might give for getting married 1, TO find a close companionship and create mutual support (Gen 8 “ It is not good for the man to be alone” ) 2, The desire to procreate and give offspring (Mal 2: 15 “ God wants to expand his kingdom” )

Two ways Christians accept divorce: Adultery , Domestic Violence. Two reasons why christians might be pacifists = 1, some will base their pacifism on jesus’s teaching (mat 5: 39) “ WRN THE OTHER CHEEK DAY” 2, Others will reffer to the old testament and how david was forbidden to build god’s house because he was a man of war and had shed to much blood therfore suggesting that violence is wrong and god does not approve of it 3.

Attitudes of some Christians towards sex before marriage = Many Christians believe that Sex is for procreation and therefore should be part of a stable married relationship, ome will suggest that provided the couple are committed to one and other and the relationship is a “ stead)/’ one then having sex is acceptable. Other somewhat “ extreme” Christians execute numerous movements for purpose of promoting Chastity. Attitudes of some Christians towards the role of women in the family Generally Christians disagree about the role of women.

Some believe men and women should be treated the same in every way, e. g. be leaders, preachers and priests, too. Christians should recognize that everyone is made in the image of God. At Pentecost the Holy spirit was given to men and women equally therefore both should be reated in the same orderly manner. Others believe that men and women are equally valuable to God, but have different roles and important differences, physical, psychological and emotional. They have different gifts which should be put to different uses. It is no good pretending that men and women are the same – they are not.

Jesus did not choose men to be his Apostles by accident. Some roles in the church are more suitable for men. Who says raising a family is not important? It is the most important job in the world. All humans are equal, but different. One attitude some Christians have towards abortion A trong view which is coming from The Church of England joins a strong opposition to abortion with a recognition that there can be “ strictly limited” conditions under which it may have been morally preferable to any other alternative which did not result in the death of the unborn child.

They believe is gravely contrary to moral law. tHREE WAYS IN WHICH CHRISTIANS MIGHT CHALLENGE INEQUALITY = 1, well present sexism as woman are not treated equally as men 2, the subjective interpretation of discrimination towards homosexuallity 3, another subjective interpretation leading to believing that having a slave is ethically and morally just. Three ways in which christians might respond to social injustice = What do christians belive about pacifism ” 6.

The beliefs of Christians about the value of sexual relationships = For many Christians, the sexual relationship within the marriage is the consummation of the marriage, therefore without the marriage a sexual relationship cannot be present. Some believe that a stable sexual relationship is the greatest gift that one companion may give to another as God clearly demanded for humanity to reproduce (Malachi S) “ Has not the one God made you?

You belong to him in body and spirit. And hat does the one God seek? Godly offspring”. Also there are numerous various interpretations coming from Christians upon the subject of Single Sex relationships as some will be completely against based on their subjective interpretation of the Bible and others accepting the value Of a loving relationship no matter what the sexual orientation is.

WHAT CHRISTIANS BELIEVE ABOUT JUST WAR = Why Christians have different attitudes towards fertility treatment = Some Christians such as the Methodist Church will encourage fertility treatments as it bring great happiness as it brings great happiness to those who would therwise be unable to have a family by normal standards wHY CHRISTIANS MIGHT HAVE DIFFERENT BELIEFS ABOUT THE ROLE OF WOMAN = Why sexual relationships are important to some Christians – Why working towards social justice is important for some christians = 12.

A marriage will not fail if the couple share a religious faith = Capital punishment can never be justified ” believe that capital punishment is wrong in many ways as everyone has the right to live even those who commit murder; sentencing them to death is a violation of that right and we end up no better then the actual murderer however if the utlaw is consistently committing crimes and therefore, by their actions, forfeiting to their human rights then they do not deserve to be treated like a dignified human and Capital Punishment is an option to be considered.

Some suggest that Capital Punishment is not the way to go as sooner or later people will get killed because of mistakes or flaws in the justice system, for example witnesses, prosecutors and jurors them being human can all make mistakes (Alexander pope) “ To err is human”. When these human mistakes are coupled with flaws in the system it is inevitable that innocent people will be convicted of crimes. Where capital punishment is used mistakes cannot be put right. Others are simply against it as they believe that retribution is morally flawed this is a shared view with also numerous Christians.

Capital Punishment is wrong as it is just a sanitized form of vengeance, numerous times have there been scenes of howling mobs attacking prison vans containing those accused of murder on their way to and from court suggesting that vengeance remains a major ingredient in the public popularity of capital punishment. Overall the aim Of capital punishment is to prevent further crime from occurring however this does not work, the actor that truly deters the likelihood of crime is simply the possible occurrence of being caught and punished.

In 1 988 a survey was conducted for the UN to determine the relation between the death penalty and homicide rates. It concluded “ Research has failed to provide scientific proof that executions have a great deterrent effect than life imprisonment” In conclusion after having considered various view points, in some minor cases capital punishment can be justified and should occur however this should be extremely rare as the counter side aspects (Violation of Human Rights, Immoral seek for vengeance, failure to prevent further rime) completely outweigh the beneficial factor of capital punishment.

It is the duty of religious people to encourage contraception to avoid the world becoming overpopulated = say that anyone who is willing to promote the welfare of humanity and prevent any unnecessary suffering, should be willing to promote means of contraception due to the steady yet increasing overpopulation that is taking place on our planet, therefore it is not only a Christian’s duty but anyone who considers themselves to be serving the evolution of our race.

Some suggest that the expansion of the world’s population ust be stopped due to resources being very limited, and religious people above all others, because they care so much about people, have a duty to do something about it. The most suggested response to this issue is to either keep the population stable or reduce it which can only be achieved by using contraception. Therefore leading to the belief that religious people have a duty to promote and encourage contraception. Having a family is important for most people.

It is surely a right to reproduce but there has to be constraint. Some believe that overlarge families are the result of selfishness s is the failure to share and use the world’s resources fairly. If people where to think about consequences then there would be enough room, food and opportunity for everyone in the world. Many Christians, who are keen to reduce the suffering and distress which will result from overpopulation, will agree that they have a duty to plan their families, think about others and set an example rather than openly promote contraception.

They may not however use artificial forms of contraception themselves and would not commend them to others since some are considered to break a moral law. They may recommend sexual restraint or the se Of ‘ natural methods ‘ such as condoms. Other Christians might take the view that some forms of contraception enable people to act responsibly and in a manner that is beneficial for everyone as they will show a vital respect of the world.

Some Christians might work for an organization or charity which encourages the use of contraception in countries where it could make a significant difference to the wellbeing of the population by limiting family size. The population problem is not due to the lack of contraception it is simply the result Of poverty and the perceived need to have many children to support a family. Many cultures still elieve that family’s wealth is only represented by their kin. Religious people should fight for justice and fairness in the economy of the world and the population problem will solve itself.

As people become richer they tend to have smaller families, therefore they dont need religious people interfering in their sex lives by promoting contraception. Overall after having considered the various aspects of this issue, I believe that it is not only the duty for Christians to promote the usage of contraception but in fact, it is a subject that everyone one this entire planet should consider as it will soon have an effect on the entity of uman lives. And if we are only to act once we are affected then It will be too late.

People should be allowed to choose when to die = say that if a person has the right to live then surely a person must also have the right do die. If someone has lost all motivation and hope to continue on living and wishes to end their life, are other people in any position to tell or even force the person to choose otherwise. None can truly understand another person’s suffering and to simply base an opinion on a subjective naive interpretation, is wrong in may ways. The process of dying can be brutal and slow in lot of cases, therefore if the option for euthanasia is present then it is a great solution.

Us humans need to get over the fear of death and simply accept it as a part of our lives and if someone believes that time has come then it is our duty as friends, family and fellow humans to accept this as pure fate and wish that person all the best into the decision making that is to come. Many Christians believe that one should not be able to choose about whether to live or die in any circumstances as they believe that God has all given us life and therefore it is solely his decision whether and when he wishes to ake it back. Job 1: 21) “ Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked I shall depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away’ Others are aware of the suffering caused by voluntarily death and how it profoundly affects the family and friends, leading to the suggestion that death should never be chosen they believe that suffering can always be remedied and communication amongst other siblings is key to maintain a healthy mental state.

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