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Day care center vs nanny

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There are many parents who are looking for someone who takes care of their children while they are away. Their option will be a day care center or nanny. If you are one of those parents, I want to persuade you not to choose quickly because they are not the same. They provide your child with differentenvironment, you should select after understanding their similarities and differences. The first similarity between a day care center and nanny is that they take care of your child for specific period. Some parents can’t have jobs or study and pursue careers.

It is because they have to take most of their time off for taking care of their children and don’t have time to do it. The job of day care provider and nanny is to help those parents by taking care of their children. The second similarity is that a staff in day care center and nanny are trained people. They are educated in earlychild developmentor a related field. It means that they can assist your child in developing hisacademicskills. They can help children with preparation for kindergarten and children who are in school with homework.

Also, because they studied early child development or related field, they know children’s emotional needs and how to discipline properly. The third similarity is that they have issues with illness. Day care center can’t let you leave your child with them when he is sick. It is because, in the day care center, children are in close contact with other children ant it will let germs spread easily. On the other hand, it is needless to say, but a nanny can’t take care of your child when she is sick either. The first difference is the number of children they take care of.

Day care provider can’t take care of multiple children because there are many children in day care center. It means that they will not give one-on-one attention to your child. However, your child’s being among many children will good to your child. Your child will learn how to socialize because he will interact with other children. On the other hand, nanny is responsible for only your child, so your child will be able to open his heart to her quickly. The second difference is the location where they look after your children.

Needless to say, if you choose day care center, your child will be taken care of in the day care center. Your child may feel uncomfortable because he can’t move freely in the day care center like he does in his house. On the other hand, nanny comes to your home to take care of your child. Your child may feel comfortable to be in his house, but he will not be able to make friends like he can in a day care center. The third difference is the cost. You will have to pay for day care center between 62 dollars to 320 dollars a week. On the other hand, the cost of nanny is from 350 dollars to 700 dollars a week.

The cost of day care center is much cheaper than the cost of nanny, so to put your child into a day care center will help you a lot withmoney. However, a nanny does things worth the cost. For example, if your child is allergic to a certainfood, she will not cook meal that contains that food if you ask her. This will not be done in day care center. As you know now, a day care center and nanny are similar, but not the same. They provide different environment for your child and affect you differently. Because of it, you have to consider carefully with whom you should leave your child while you are away.

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