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David suzuki

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David Suzuki is the co- founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. He is an international award winning scientist. He’s just not a scientist; he’s also an environmentalist, a professor and a broadcaster. He is very famous for his programs that talks about the complexities of the naturalscience. He is known for expertise in genetics. David Suzuki wasn’t always interested in theenvironment. His father, Kaoru Carr Suzuki’s work got him interested and sensitized to nature. David Suzuki moved to London, Ontario with hisfamilywhen he was in high school.

He attended London Central Secondary School and was the Student Council president with the most votes combined for his last year there. After high school, he attended Amherst College and graduated in 1958 with diploma in Biology. He also got a Ph. D. in Zoology in 1961 from the University of Chicago. After getting his Ph. D. he has been a professor in the University of British Columbia for almost 40 years. Goalsand Location: David Suzuki has his own organization called the David Suzuki Foundation. They think of very good projects to do to help save the environment and make it better.

Their mission is to help protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life for the future. Their main goal is to help and improve the Earth! They help the Earth by doing things such as: Protecting the Climate, Transforming the Economy, Protecting nature, reconnecting with nature and Building Community. One of the main things they advise people of all ages to do its plant trees so it helps our earth to purify air and keep it a much greener place to live in. A lot of people know about his goals to help the environment and how to get involved in it because of the books that he writes.

He is very successful as an author all around the world and so are his books. Some of his books are: Looking at the Environment, Looking at the Body, A Glimpse of Canada’s Future, and Earth Time etc. David Suzuki is known as the leader in sustainable ecology. The David Suzuki Foundation is located in Toronto, Ontario. David Suzuki does most of his work in Canada but also does many of his research outside of Canada, such as the USA. Major Projects: David Suzuki and his foundation work on many different projects throughout the year.

There are 2 major projects that he and his organization are working on right now, which are: Race to the Top & Trottier Energy Futures Project. Race to the top is about trying to achieve the goal to slowing down climate changing affects. Climate changeaffects everyone and is affecting every individual out there. The action that climate change is taking is crucial and is really harming the earth. We can slow this crucial change by taking action today. By taking action, it helps protecting our future grandchildren and avoiding unwanted impacts.

The biggest way we can take action for this cause is by trying to get the federal and provincial government involved so they can let the Citizens of Canada know how important this is. The second major project David Suzuki and his foundation are working on right now is the Trottier Energy Futures Project. This project is about how our future would be with a cleaner environment. It is trying to make Canada the leader in innovative clean-energy solutions. Canada can make this happen by developing energy systems that are secure, affordable, and free from harmful emissions and other environmental effects.

This project is an effort to determine how Canada can dramatically reduce its emissions of the greenhouse gas that are the main cause of global climate change. Climate change is a very big problem because of the increased frequency of severe weather disasters has drawn attention to climate change as one of the most serious challenges facing humanity. This project will help because it will include scientific reviews of energy production and distribution opportunities available to Canada, taking in economic, social and environmental concerns. The Active Citizen:

Anyone can get involved in making the Earth a better place. We can get involved by doing many things such as: Recycling Electronics, Reducing your Carbon Footprint, Connecting youth with nature and by making your workplace greener. Individually, you can recycle our electronics instead of throwing it away in landfills and harming the environment even more. One of the best places to recycle is with Think Recycle. You will be helping the David Suzuki Foundation to aid in protecting the nature and our quality of life. Recycling is cost-free and will help the David Suzuki Foundation to raisemoney.

As a class, the best way to get involved is by connecting youth with nature. We could go to our family members, cousins and relatives and inform them about how we should protect the nature for the good of Earth. We could go to elementary schools and tell the children about how connecting them with nature is helpful for themselves and the Earth. Helping nature and spending time in nature helps kids improve their memory, problem solving skills and creativity. Kids also become physically healthier by doing this. On a School wide level, we can get involved by reducing our carbon footprint.

We can do this by switching to energy efficient lighting, cutting our energy use, driving smarter, not polluting water and travelling sustainably. These are very successful ways to get involved in protecting our Earth. Successes and Failures: David Suzuki had a lot of successes but not many failures. The two most successful things he did in the past year is his book writing and making a huge change in BC. His books were sold all around the world which was telling citizens how we can protect the environment, what are we doing that’s harming our planet and many more exciting facts about nature.

Citizens were doing things that would protect our planet and make it healthier. This all happened because David Suzuki’s books gave them interest in making our planet a better place. This was one of the most successful things David Suzuki did this year. He got British Columbia to reduce energy consumption by 7. 3% more than the rest of Canada. It was a very hard thing to do but it was accomplished. His organization plans to do more successful projects like this in the future. One of the things David Suzuki failed to do was to convince some people that we need the environment and our trees.

The people wanted more growth to happen in a certain area without thinking of the harmful things that will happen to nature when we cut and destroy trees. David Suzuki was overall successful and barely experienced any failures. Global Citizenship: A Global Citizen is a responsible community member. David Suzuki is a Global Citizen because he always cared about nature and our environment. He has many goals that he has set to achieve in the future. He took theresponsibilityto take care of the environment that’s surrounding us. He made his own organization and got people involved to do what he always does.

He makes books which millions of people read and also learn about how to protect our Earth. The project’s he does has been improving our environment more than ever. He is fighting against climate change, involvingglobal warming, and its effects on the world. David Suzuki also plans to save wildlife in forests, which are losing their homes from industrial forest demolition. He is attempting to protect oceans and other bodies of water frompollutionand the creatures living within it, with the help of people who are willing to save our water.

David was nominated as one of the top ten “ Greatest Canadians” by CBC viewers in 2004. This was because he was helping out Canadians by engaging the population of Canada to live healthier and use less resources offered by nature. He didn’t only win that award. He won lots more because he was determined to protect the diversity of Canada’s marine, freshwater and ecosystems. Lastly, he is one of the most amazing global citizens I know because his goal in his lifetime is to create a better planet for our generation and mostly the upcoming generations that are likely to inhabit our world.

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