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Advantages of a database over the Instructor’s current system would be; organization of data Into one location rather than across several spreadsheets, and ease and speed regarding both data storage and retrieval. B) Major topics of the database Include; students, dates attended, assignment and test scores, and overall grades. C) A statement of work for this database may look like the following; History: Historically, student data has been saved across spreadsheets.

However, as time asses, the number of spreadsheet to search for data has increased, making this system cumbersome and unwieldy. Scope: The database will manage student information as It relates to this class. The database shall be large enough to retain Information of students no longer enrolled In the class as well as that of current students. The Information will be private, accessible to only the Instructor.

The Instructor will be able to generate reports based on the data retrieved Objectives: * Create a more intuitive system for the instructor to store, search for, and retrieve tuned data * The new system should have enough fields so that it can store student’s names/personal information, their grade, the dates they were enrolled for at least five years, and still allow for the addition of new students. * Data must be retrievable by either using student name, last 4 of student social security number, or dates. Tasks and deliverables: 1 . Gathering data, interview with instructor, review current data on spreadsheets.

Time allotted: 3 days 2. Analyzing data, preliminary considerations for database Truckee/model based upon study of current system. Time allotted: 1 week 3. Building the database, data model translated to READS, creation of tables with specific data types, relations and constraints defined. Time allotted: 2 days Deliverables: ” working” database for review 4. Testing, Sample data will be entered into the database, data storage, retrieval, and security will be tested. Test results will be documented Time allotted: 1 week Deliverables: Test results 5.

Completion/lamentation, changes made as necessary, sample data removed, database Installed on Instructor’s workstation. Time allotted: 5 days Deliverables: working database Questionnaire for college help desk database users: 1 . Will you require service technician’s access to the database in order to update the status of work orders? 2. Do you require a method of listing work orders closed/ completed by date? 3. Should help desk customers have limited access to the database via work order number in order to rate service as (UN)satisfactory. 4. Should help desk solutions be stored as searchable by FAQ to help address future issues?

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