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Dare to be yourself

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The article talks about something that most people have forgotten to do most of their lives: to be themselves. The world is very fast-paced and everyone can get caught up in it without them realizing that it is actually happening. With all the outside influences, a person is likely to lose him or herself and this affects his or her authenticity. People portray things in their lives that are not necessarily true but they do not realize that the society wants someone authentic with real emotions and real persona, not just someone who is trying to belong.

Because of this issue, professionals are now trying to come up with ways on how to determine self-authenticity. Michael Kernis and Brian Goldman have “ identified four separate and somewhat concrete components of authenticity that they could measure in a written test” (Wright “ Dare to Be Yourself”). Like most people, they believe that being authentic as a person has many benefits not only to the person but also to society.

There are so many people that long to live from their true self, as much as there are so many of those who suffer because they feel that they are not being true to themselves (Wright “ Dare to Be Yourself”). These people do things to themselves because they feel that this particular act or thing will make them authentic and will make them the person they believe that is in them.

While being authentic is one of the most wanted thing for the majority of people, living in this kind of society makes it hard for one to be true and express what he or she really feels. People’s ways of looking at things also contribute to their feelings of not being authentic. “ Becoming authentic, then, means accepting not only contradiction and discomfort but personal faults and failures as well” (Wright “ Dare to Be Yourself”). Being authentic does not have to be hard as long as people commit to it because they want to improve themselves.

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