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Current treatments

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Technological advances are probably one of the most beneficial things that happened to man. It has allowed people to live their lives easier with the help of machines and programs. One area that seems to benefit from technological innovations is the medical field. Today, the latest developments in medicine andhealthcare have provided people the opportunity to live longer and more comfortably. This is evidenced by better medications, diagnosis, and treatment plans for patients.

Personally, I believethat the need for better health care led scientists and health care providers to the development of current treatments. Better knowledge intechnologyalso helped professionals in establishing and discovering new treatments for patients. This is seen in Maguire’s (2002) study wherein he compared two patients who has the same type of illness. One is a former patient who appeared to have succumbed to the symptoms of schizophrenia and was not able to improve and live a normal life even with the medications available at that time.

The other patient receives a newer medication for schizophrenia and is able to go back to school and live comfortably. The latter patient was able to benefit from the improvements in the field of health care. “ With advancements in such medications, patients with schizophrenia no longer need to lead a life totally dictated by this order” (Maguire, 2002, p. 10). “ Consequently, they need considerable support and approval in therapy, to help them disclose symptoms that typically seem shameful to them and make the potentially frightening behavioral changes that will be asked of them” (Author, p. 277).

Professionals in the field of health care should never be contented with the current treatments and should always look for ways to improve the lives of patients. This can be especially said in the field of psychotherapy wherein current treatment plans and strategies will not always work for every individual and the changing of times affect people’s behaviors, which can affect the treatments that were once thought as the best ones.

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