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Cultural event report

Cultural Event Report Institute: The event was Arts Guild at Neumann in Delaware County. It took place in August 16th to 21st this year. It was an event meant to enrich the culture of the Delaware Community. It is an event that occurs annually and it encompasses cultural arts forum, symphony, ballet classique, jazz band, art gallery, and musicals. The event was started in 1991 by the University fraternity and has been taking place faithfully since then. The performers are university community and other invited guests who travel from all over to come and participate in the event.
People who attended were the university students, workers, staff, Delaware community, and visitors from all over the country. On arrival at the event, it was crowded, colorful and the festivities mood was in the air. The mood that greeted me and other tourists made me conclude that this was one of the best events in the country. People looked relaxed and it was a bit hard to differentiate between the locals and the visitors. Everyone was friendly and relaxation started setting in. There was nothing like discrimination based on race, ethnic origin or nationality, everyone was the other person’s brother and sister hence no fear of assault taking place. With such a mood, I was ready to enjoy the event and all that it was offering.
One performance that really caught my attention was a theatrical performance by the university students named “ The Lamerie Project”. It was based on the story of Matthew Shepard a university student in Wyoming who was brutally beaten and later succumbed to the injuries as a result of him professing he was gay. The performance was meant to explore the in depths of humanity and the extent people can go to as a result of their beliefs (whether realistic or not). This is one performance I thought should be made countrywide and even used to educate individuals on the beliefs that may be misplaced and result to such inhumane actions like killing.
The other notable festivity in the event was a musical by Joe Soprani who is an international performer, accordionist and composer. Soprani has performed with notable orchestra and other renowned musical individuals. What made him unforgettable at this event was the fact that he played several genres of music which acted to make the mixed generations’ present feel not left behind. The other thing that he did was that at the end of his performance, he played Christmas song. This was as a way of unifying all the people present in the event hence a spirit of peace ant togetherness became present and enabled people to mingle even more freely after the musical. The song was also in preparation of the festive season almost nearing at the end of the year hence lifted the spirits of the people even more.
At the end of the event the air around Delaware was different. There was happiness, joy, love and peace that was hanging in the air. All the cultures present were appreciated more than before the start of the event. It made me appreciate the diversity present in the country. This should be an event that should be adopted by most states if not all as it would ensure that hate speech and discrimination as well as inequality based on the differences among individuals is done away with. It is an event that makes one realize that we are all humans despite the color or ethnic differences. If such events take place more often, peace and understanding and even respect will prevail in different states and even in different countries of the world. It would enable people to appreciate other individuals and their ways of life and the reasons certain occurrences take place and learn from that.
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