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Cultural assessment

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Disaster Scenario Introduction The extent and scope of terrorist activities around the globe cannot be ignored. The evolution of terrorism has revealed increasingly dangerous methods of inflicting havoc to people’s lives, properties and the environment. Since governments adhere to the policy of no ransom and not giving in to the terrorists’ demands as part of their counterterrorism strategies, the terrorists become more innovative in devising changes in the nature of their terrorist threats.
Given the disaster scenario, it is obvious that a terrorist attack took place within the subway area. Taking the stance of the security personnel, when a terrorist event occurs, the following response procedure should be applied, to wit: “ four key actions typically occur in support of a response 🙁 1) gain and maintain situational awareness; (2) activate and deploy key resources and capabilities; (3) effectively coordinate response actions; then, as the situation permits, (4) demobilize.” (USDNS, 2008, 32)
When reporting the incident, call 9-1-1 in times of disasters especially when it poses a threat to human life and to the property. All calls will require: (1) name of caller; (2) telephone number for call-backs at the scene or facility; (3) have local officials been notified of incident – Fire, Police, Sheriff; and (4) date, time and location of the incident. (Emergency Response) In addition, the security personnel and/or management of the subway should inform the National Response Center, the State Emergency Response Commissions and Local Emergency Planning Committees. Fire departments must also be notified. The following telephone numbers should always be ready and all personnel should be advised of these numbers in cases of emergency: MOST IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS: EPCRA HOTLINE 1-(800) 424-9346 and NATIONAL RESPONSE CENTER 1-800-424-8802.
The scope and nature of the terrorist event would dictate the response actions that should be immediately implemented by the local government unit closest to the incident. The following response actions, especially of the media and local government unit, are generally expected: “(1) Warning the public and providing accessible emergency public information. (2) Implementing evacuation and sheltering plans that include provisions for special needs populations and household pets. (3) Sheltering evacuees in pre-identified, physically accessible shelters and providing food, water, and other necessities to meet the needs of all people, including persons with disabilities and other special needs. (4) Performing search and rescue. (5) Treating the injured. (6) Providing law enforcement and investigation. (7) Controlling hazards (extinguishing fires, containing hazardous materials spills, etc.). And (8) Ensuring responder safety and health. (USDNS, 2008, 37)
The advancement in technology still paves the way for terrorists to utilize other medium to pervade other sectors of the society. The best response is to remain vigilant and to continue the extensive efforts to thwart further violent attacks of terrorist to ensure the preservation of human lives. The United States government has placed primary importance to an effective and highly integrated response to threats posed by terrorist attacks. By detailing the agencies involved and itemizing each responsibility in times of imminent danger, other governments would be assured that appropriate mechanisms and policies have been formulated and designed to appropriately respond to terrorism in the home front.
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Retrieved 29 June 2010.

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