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Culminating exhebition

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My project states that I want to learn what it takes to become a paralegal.

I said that it involves being a good assistant, being organized, knowing the different types of laws, and have good writing skills. For my first goal I mainly did research online. In one interview I had with a paralegal, they told me that you have to take initiative and be familiar with the law that your attorney works for. To be a good assistant, you have to be organized, have experience, and good writing skills. Paralegals assist attorneys in preparing legal documents, draft pleadings, and motions. Paralegals do a lot of work and they cannot procrastinate.

For my second goal I researched a lot of information about paralegals. This goal was easy to accomplish for me because I found a really good website online. Paralegals play a very important role in the criminal justice system. They assist attorneys and judges with court cases. To be a paralegal, you must have good understanding of legal terminology and be aware of the basic new laws including both state and federal laws. The most important thing is that you have to communicate effectively if you want to be a paralegal.

For my third goal I had to learn about the different laws that paralegals need to know. Depending on where you work, you do not need to learn all the laws. Most paralegals work in one field. There is criminal, family, business, and more. I learned mostly about those three. In criminal law, the attorneys and paralegals represent the people that are being accused.

I learned that not all people are guilty. In family law, it is mostly about divorces or concerning children. In business I mostly learned that the attorneys and paralegals work with the businesses that ask for help when they do not get paid.

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