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Criminal justice system

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The Judiciary which comprises of courts that decide whether a person has violated any of the laws made by the legislation. The police force is responsible for only catching the suspects, their guilt or innocence has to be decided by an independent body; the courts perform that function.
The Executive – The executive consists of the police force, jails, and prisons. Police are responsible for making sure that the laws made by the legislation are followed by society and the violators are produced before the judiciary for determining their guilt. Prisons are responsible for executing the order given by the courts. The police force which usually makes arrests is of the district or state level. However, if the offender has committed a crime with national ramifications; the national police (FBI in case of Unites states) is asked to perform the investigations.
All the above three parts of the criminal justice system work under the rule of law which has to be followed by each part in carrying out its duties.

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