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Criminal assignment

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The five templates are aligned with your design options in the course syllabus. This places your template on a graph paper screen filling % of the screen. At this point, the image is 2-D and a black bar is above the graph paper. Remember, you need to design in 2-D. You can click on 3-D at any point to see what your design looks like in 3-D, but you will be unable drag and drop. Click on 3-D to see the basic floor plan in 3-D. You can rotate the 3-D image by using the arrows found in the upper- right corner of the 3-D page.

Click back to 2-D to continue designing. When you access Medical Designer, an account will be created for you automatically using your IRON. Locating Design Option and Assets Notice the white column on the left-side of your screen adjacent to the graph paper containing your facilities template. At the top of the column are the word “ Catalog” and a small field for searching all of the assets. Below Catalog, Is a small green house In a black tab. Click the down arrow to reveal the product categories that you can access to drag and drop Into your template.

Design Medical contains assets unique to medical faceless, while the other categories, which are free to use, are more related to residential designs. The assets In the Catalog are separated by type and function. If you want to see all of the medical assets, regardless of function, click Brands & access the complete list of medical assets. Place your mouse over the specific assets for more details about each asset. Resizing the Template Before you drag and drop any of the assets into the template, you may wan to make the template larger for greater designing ease.

To do this, note the small green triangle on the slider bar on the far right-side of the black bar running across the top of page. You can change the size of your template several ways: ) Click and hold on the green triangle. Sliding it to the right makes the template larger, and sliding it to the left makes it smaller. 2) An easier way to enlarge or reduce the size of the template is to click the Magnifying Glass on the right end of the bar to enlarge the template or on the left end of the bar to make it smaller. ) If you want to center and return the template to its original size, click the four-cornered box to the right of the right-side Magnifying Glass. 4) If you want to go to full-screen mode, click the four-arrow box to the far right end of the black bar. ) Click on escape to go back to regular mode. Placing Assets in a Room or Removing Them From a Room To place an asset in a room, click and hold the asset from the catalog then drag and drop it into the room where you want it to be. Once you have the asset in the room, click on it again, you will see a vertical black bar beside the asset.

The first time you drag and drop an asset into a room, explore the options that the vertical black bar provides. Two of the more important options are the ability to duplicate the asset (for dragging and dropping the same asset into a efferent room), and the “ X”, which gives you the option to delete an asset from that room. In addition to the vertical black bar, the yellow circle with a curved arrow in it below the assets gives you the ability to position your items in the correct facing directions.

Once again, experiment with the yellow circle to make sure your asset is facing the direction you intend. You need to click and hold the circle to make it work. After you face the asset in the correct direction, click and hold the asset, and then drag it to the place where you want it to be in the room. Click on the 3-D option in the black bar at the top of the page to see how your asset looks. Remember, if you want to move it or delete it, you need to be in 2-D mode. Snapshot Option use this option when your design is completed.

This option notifies the file serve to produce a photo-quality image of the specific camera angle you have chosen for it to record. If you select Snapshot, it will take several minutes for it to produce the image ? the length of time being determined by how many users are requesting photo images at that time. You will be asked to provide an e-mail address to which deification can be sent that the photo is completed. How to Save Your Design Just like a written document, save your design frequently during your working session, and finally at the end.

When you return to Medical Designer, you can open the design and continue to work on it. To save your design, use the pull-down menu “ File” and select Save. The design document is NOT saved to your machine, but rather is saved on the[email protected]server. This provides the advantage of being able to access your design on any computer to work on it or to show other people. How to Submit Your Finished Document to Your Instructor After you have saved your design, you have the choice to copy the URL for retrieval to submit to your instructor on completion of your assignment.

To do that, copy the URL, and e-mail it to your instructor using your personal SPOIL course assignment folder. When you click on the Copy URL tab, you won’t see anything happen, but when you open your e-mail, it will be there for you to paste into the body of the e-mail to send to your instructor. Experiment by sending yourself a URL of an example design you have created. This will give you a good idea of what your instructor will see when you end the URL of your completed project.

Help With Technical Issues If it seems that the design you’re working on has vanished, don’t panic. Click the four- corner box to the right of the right-side Magnifying Glass in the black bar at the top of the graph paper. Your design will return to the center of your screen. Your design did not vanish. The sizing mechanism is very sensitive, so the image may have gotten too large or too small. The four-corner box will restore the design normal-size view. If you have any other technical issues, please call the University of Phoenix Tech Support staff for help.

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