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Creative writing: utopia z 1345

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Creative Writing: Utopia Z

Utopia Z: Recreation

Besides being able to live comfortable and easily, the people also have

a lot of recreation to do, with in Utopia Z. All of the recreation, is located

in the recreation dome, which is located between the Construction Plant, and the

Hospital Dome.

The Recreation Dome is filled with different activities, such as

artificial ski-mountains, a swimming pool, and amusement park, an ice arena, a

playground, a football field/track, a bungee jumping station, and a large field

for miscellaneous activities.

One of the biggest attractions in this dome, is the artificial ski-

mountains. These mountains are constructed with sturdy steel frames, and with

artificial snow. This mountain is equipped with chairlifts, and three different

ski-runs designed for different skill levels.

The dome also has an extra large swimming pool, equipped with many

slides. This pool is designed to fit in as many as 1, 000 people. The swimming

pool can also simulate tidal waves. And aside of that, it has a whirlpool, and

a steam room.

For the kids’ amusement, we have put in a mini-amusement park, which

contains a couple of rollercoaster rides, a Ferris wheel, and many other rides,

designed for children and adults of all ages. Along with that, the amusement

park, also has many carnival games.

Beside all of that, we have the football field, which also includes a

track for running. The football field includes a computerized refereeing system,

which will run the game, and also keep track of the score.

Another big addition to the Recreation Dome is the built-in Ice Arena.

This Ice Arena also has a computerized refereeing system. But besides that, the

Ice Arena is pretty close to the modern ones we have today, along with a couple

of little improvements.

The dome also has another little addition, the playground, which is

specially designed for the younger kids. This large playground is pretty close

to the ones we have today. This playground maintains and cleans itself, which

makes the playground sanitary for the kids.

One of the biggest, and most unusual attractions to the dome, is the 400

feet bungee jump site, designed for the older more-daring people. This site is

restricted to citizens 19 or younger, so this is only intended for adults. This

site is equipped with a vacuum capsule, which transports the users to the top of

the tower.

Along with all those activities, we have also included a gigantic

playing field for whatever activities the citizens can think of. Whether it is

Baseball, Frisbee, walking their pets, whatever, this field will serve their


Although the dome has many attractions already, it still has extra space

for future additions.

Utopia Z: Agriculture

Since Utopia Z, is a fully self-maintained unit, it is able to supply

and grow it’s own food. This is all done in the Agriculture Dome, which is

located at the center, shown on the diagram.

This dome is especially bigger than all the other domes. Actually, it

is precisely 10 times larger than it’s surrounding domes. A giant growth light

is also installed into the dome to provide the crops and animals with artificial

sunlight. This light actually provides a better, more concentrated light than

the sun can provide on Earth.

The dome is separated into 3 sections, designed to supply Utopia Z with

vegetables and livestock of all kinds.

Two of the sections are used to grow plants and vegetables. They are

purposely separated into sections, in case, one of them are malfunctioning.

These two sections are equipped with strong durable beams that encircles the

area. These beams supply water to all the plants and crops evenly. Besides the

watering system, the ground of the dome is also equipped with a fertilizing

system. This system, evenly and regularly, inserts fertilizing material to the

soil, keeping it full of nutrition for the plants.

The third dome is provided for the livestock of Utopia Z. This section

contains a very complex shelter for the animals, and a large grazing field for

the animals. The shelter provided for the animals, is a very complex system

designed to take care of the livestock without the aid a human being. This

shelter supplies the animals regularly with clean food and water. It also

cleans the mess and odors and animals make, keeping the dome sanitized for the

other animals and plants. This system also aids the animals in injures,

keeping them healthy. All without the aid of a single human being. Past that,

the shelter is equipped with a large grazing field, which is guarded by a heavy-

duty steel fence, which automatically opens and closes for the animals at the

set time. The grazing field, allows the animals to get the exercise and freedom,

that they get on Earth. There is also a watering system and a fertilizing

system installed for the field.

Many of the foods are distributed to citizens of Utopia Z. But a

fraction of it, is stored in the Storage Dome, located between the Hospital Dome

and the Court and Government Dome. This is done, in case, and major failure

occurs in the Agriculture Dome.

This well equipped system, will supply the citizens with almost all the

different foods, that can be found on Earth.

Utopia Z: Conclusion

In conclusion, Utopia Z is a very efficient, self-maintained unit, and

can supply the citizens with all neccessary living needs.

Although Utopia Z, supplies all the citizens with sufficient amounts of

food, it also supplies water to them. This is done at the ” core” of the unit,

near the energy generator plant (shown on diagram). Utopia Z collects water not

by direct source, but by gathering the neccessary minerals needed to develop

water from space. Because water is made, it is very clean, so there will not be

a need for filters. The water is then run through a very complex system, which

distributes equal amounts of water to the people. A fraction of it, will be

stored into a water tank, for emergencies.

Utopia Z, not only supplies the citizens with materials need to maintain

life, but it also gives them many other recreations to do. We have supplied

them with a Recreation Dome. Utopia Z, also has a Court and Government Dome

which settles problems for the citizens.

The citizens on Utopia Z, have to go through a very straight-forward,

but effective system using ” stars” as ranking.

So in conclusion, Utopia Z can almost give every to the citizens, that

they could get on Earth. We can garantee that the citizens will enjoy and nice

relaxing, no stress, life on this unit.

Utopia Z : Living Arrangements

The citiznes of Utopia Z live in a very clean, and healthy environment.

They live in a very simple, but effective way.

The homes in Utopia Z are divided into two different sections. One is a

average, with normal area and the other is for four stars and greater. The four

stars and five live neer the bottom while the three stars and less live up

higher. Even though this is a non biest colony people that have not followed

the rules and or break a law their food is given at an amount just so that they

can live and no more. Food is given to everyone and if more is wanted you must

go and buy it with their own credits, which can also be used to purches other

items around for plessure.

Credits can be exchanged for many free time activities, including the

Recreation dome, hospital, extra food and set-up gift stores. Credits are also

spent on a annual monthly fee to support our station. Credits can be earned in

two ways buy doing a job and every two weeks credits are put in their savings to

buy extra goods and activities that are wanted.

Water runs free through the water system so there is water available

twenty-four hours a day. Water is stored in one area incase of a virus getting

in the water supply. Waste products are shot into space where a machine

collects them and turns them into fresh nice smelling farming soil.

Utopia Z, has many domes insuring that life will be safe, some domes

include, Recreation dome, Government dome, Storage dome, Construction plant, a

prision and an Ariculture dome.

People get from their homes to these places by space suction that sucks

capsules from one end to the other in approxamitly thirty second.

Twenty people can fit in a capsule and there are twelve normal capsules and two

emergency tubes.

Families are only aloud to have two children and one animal. These

rules are set so that the population doesn’t grow over 10, 000.

Utopia Z, has both animal and plant products. This isures a healthy and

balanced diet, and also gives choice in what one chooses to eat.

Utopia Z: Education

In Utopia Z schooling is very different ways, but also similare in

others. School starts at age four which is called adgustment schooling, basicly

to get the children away from play and use to the idea of school. Five year

olds go into Learners, then on to grade one through to grade twelve and then on

to a trade school.

The schooling takes place at home. The teacher is a holographic image

produced by a screen with s hard-drive attached. A (S. C. D.) or super compaced

disk, is incerted and at a spacifice time comes on and teaches. This teacher is

programed to teach the way the student best lerns. This goes on through trade

school, which is also manditory.

Learning setions are three hours long with a ten minute brake in between.

Students have to spend three hours a week on studing and homework, this starts

in grade one. The study time is not manditory as of grade sevon, if the person

gets a (B) average, but continues if grades are less. Study time is timed by a

clock that is used to punch in and out. There is also a test that goes every

month to see how the progress of the students are going.

Dropouts are concidered fools and are not aloud anything special. They

are rated as a one star and are not give a monthly fee and are pushed back into

the school. If the student tries it again they will not be pushed back but will

live with no honor untill they go back and complete the training.

Utopia Z: Law

Utopia Z is a very stricked yet peaceful space station. If a crime is

made there are strong thuro investigations making sure nothing is left out.

Everyone that was neer the spot were the crime took place is asked questions and

put under a lie detector and nothing is taken for granted. If people that were

neer the crime couldn’t help then eventually everyone one the station on the

station will be investigated. There is also camras so the criminal doesn’t have

that good of a chance.

The rules or laws are basiclly the same as in Canada and probably the

whole World. The punshments are totaly different in most cases. Some examples

of crimes and punishments.


Murder, (self defence)—————-Nothing

Stealing (first time, small thing)—-One month in prison

Stealing (first time, big thing)——One hand chopped off

Stealing (twice small)—————-One hand chopped off

Stealing (twice big)——————Death

Stealing (three times)—————-Death

Drugs/Weapons,(one time)————–Hand chopped off

Drugs/Weapons, (twice)—————-Death


Rape————————————Wipped then death

If you get sent to death, you die without your last meal and then you

get shot into space. The death sentences and all other sentences go for all

ages from four- till age of death.

If you do a crime and are put in jail or any other punishment then you

become a one star and can’t even start gaining higher stars for ten years and

can never get a higher star then three stars. This will also make the people

think twice before making a crime.

Utopia Z: Introduction

This is the year 1997, we (Canadian developers inc.) have developed a

self supporting, self contained space-station. The space-station is rotating

earth at a rate of . 5/day. We have named the station; Utopia Z.

We have selected 10, 000 lucky individuals randomly from Earth.

Approximately 2-4 people from each sex were selected from each Country.

Utopia Z is equipped fully for all circumstances, including meteroids

showers, alien attacks (for those who believe), etc..

As far as energy resources, Utopia Z uses the only energy resource which

can be obtained from space, Solar Energy. When the station passes by the sun,

the energy is stored in panels, then transferred to the energy generator plant.

We have developed a ” rating system”, which we like to call the ” star

system”, each citizen is rated from 1-5, 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the

highest. For example, a government official would be rated at 5, while a

criminal would be rated at 1.

Utopia Z’s currency, is similar to Earth’s ” credit card” system. We use

a card which records the amount of money spent on an iten, in its memory. This

process is fully explained later in our report.

Transportation is very different from Earth’s. We use tubes which launch

the citizens in capsuls to their destination, safely.

Utopia Z is self supporting; in the idea that we raise and grow all our

own food products. The food is grown in domes on the higher part of the station.

The food is then sent to markets, where it is sold to the citizens.

We also have a huge selection of recreational things, including; three

ski hills, football field, Olympic size swimming pool, ice arena, childrens

playroom, amusement park, and a bungee-jumping tower.

We hope that you take the time to fully read our report on our newly

developed space-station.

” It’s one small step for man, one large leap for man kind.”

Utopia Z: Government

Utopia Z’s government consists of the following:

The government officals wear uniforms, with sewed on stars on their

chestm the stars signify how highly rated the official is in the civilization.

Ordinary citizens are rated on the same basis, but do not need to wear uniforms.

Criminals or ex-criminals are rated at 1 star.

Only the government officials have the right to input their ideas on the

civilization to the President, who then relays the input to the King/Queen.

The government officials are elected in a civilized manner by the

citizens, once every six years. If an official dies, or becomes seriously ill,

it is up to the next highest rated official to chose a new official to take the

missing official’s position.

If a government official is found guilty of any crime, he is

automatically removed from government and downgraded to 1 star.

Utopia Z: Population

Utopia Z has a very consistent population. To this date, we have a

population of 9, 998. Utopia Z’s population was originally chosen by wither one

or two people from each sex being randomly from each, the privledged few, then

had to take a thorough medical exam, to make sure of perfect medical condition.

Once a male and female have married, and decide to start a family, they

may have a maximum of two children, to keep down the population in the station.

Once a female has given birth to two children, Once a female has given birth to

two children, it is mandatory for her to use birth-control.

From the ages of 6-18, it is mandatory for that portion of the

population to go through some kind of education. If education is refused, the

child will be down graded to a 1 start citizen until the age of 19.

Medi-Care is supplied freely to those who are in need of it, no matter

of their economic situation. There is a limit of $6, 000 of medical care to one

individual, annually.

University’s/College’s are set up in such a matter, so that only a

limited amount of people are able to take a certain course in a certain field.

This is to make sure there aren’t 1000 shoe repairmen, for example.

Utopia Z: The Economy

Utopia Z’s economy is a growing interest. Utopia Z is not in deby by any


Ordinary citizens (2 stars), earn a living as any person on Earth would.

The jobs relate around the station, business’s offer products and services which

people on the station are in need of. Employers pay there employee’s by way of

upgrading there ” card”. A computer is given to the employer from a government

official, which is used to upgrade the employee’s ” card”. The way the ” card

system” works is; when a peron purchases an item/service, the person who runs

the business scans the buyer’s card through a computer, imprinting the amount

spent into the card’s memory. At the end of each month, it is mandatory for

every citizen to bring there cards to a government agency, and pay off there


Jobs related to the space station (ie. Litter picking), which are not

claimed by a 2 star citizen, are assigned to a 1 star citizen by a government


Private property can be purchased through a long and slow process by

filing a report to a government agency, stating what you would like the property

for, for how long, etc.. Private property may be used for building homes for

citizens with 3 stars or higher.

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