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Creative destruction and reconstruction

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Creative Destruction and Reconstruction by: number] Creative Destruction and Reconstruction As a radiologic technologist working for an outpatient facility, there have been times when I feel that I chose the wrong career because I do not get the same “ high” that my hospital-employed colleagues get. My work life is quiet because the issues we handle are usually predictable and in my case, I am unable to issue treatment recommendations because I am not qualified to do so.
It is in this context that I am planning to reconstruct my career. I have always wanted to be a doctor because I like helping people. Unfortunately, the cost of taking medicine and is too much so I took up radiologic technology because it has a high demand and it enabled me to work with people. Now that I’ve practiced my profession for some time, and have realized that I wish to make some changes. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I want to become a real doctor, but I want to be able to practice the knowledge I have accumulated in my present career. I have made my research and discovered that from being a radiologic technologist, I can take additional courses so that I can engage in interventional radiology or even nuclear medicine.
The reason I chose these two fields is because these have high demand not only in the U. S. but also in Europe. In a new analysis made by Frost & Sullivan, it was discovered that interventional radiology institutions have earned atleast $399. 5 million in 2006 and estimates show that this can reach as high as $683. 3 million by 2013 (Frost and Sullivan, 2011). Meanwhile, the nuclear medicine market was at $531 million in 1996 (Frost and Sullivan, 1998) is expected to reach $1. 69 billion by 2015 (Global Industry Analysts, 2010). The best thing about engaging in these fields is that I can work not only as a specialist but as a researcher as well.
With the improvement in healthcare information systems (HIS), I can work as a consultant, giving my advise in interpreting radiographs, as well as possible treatments. I can have the digital images sent through my office through the HIS and I can send in my recommendation through the same system. Moreover, I can be employed in one state and be called in for a consult if I advertise my services through the internet or have my service listed in a directory.
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