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How a person talks and what she talks about. . Social – Good manners, and etiquette are included in this aspect. To do the right thing at the right time, to get along well with others.

4. Emotional – this component includes a person’s likes and dislikes whether she is outgoing or shy, calm or nervous, temperamental or cool. 5. 5. Value System – Includes a person’s attitudes, values, beliefs and philosophy in life.

This aspect is referred to as CHARACTER. It is shown in the way we judge our action and the actions of others are right or wrong. ACTIVITY: Brings mirror 1.

In their notebooks, they need to asses themselves based on their physical ( kin, hair, teeth, nails, clothes, shoes, accessory, body build, facial expression. 2. Intellectual (study habits, reading skills and comprehension, English and Toga communication skills, focus on studying, goals in the future as a professional) 3.

Social (how often do they smile, how they communicate to others – do they prefer listening or talking? 4. Emotional – how they manage problems and concerns. Kinds of activities they want to do (staying at home, going out with friends, or engaging in sports activities) 5.

Experiences – What was their childhood like? Their memories on their childhood. I. PERSONALITY DIFFERENCES: 1 .

Heredity -? This comes from the person’s genes and chromosomes which he inherits from his forefathers and parents. 2. Environment – This consist of family, school, church, neighborhood, social groups with whom a person interacts from the beginning. 3. Experiences -? Consist of everything that we do or get in touch with, everywhere we got in short, everything that we are exposed to (physical, emotional, social) experiences.

II. Techniques in Improving Personality: 1 .

One must realize that improvement is needed 2. Have a strong motive or desire to improve. 3.

Take an inventory or make a checklist of the strong and weak points, of what is to be improved 4. Have a step by step plan of improvement Activity: From the assessment done, list down some important things they need to improve (physical, intellectual, emotional, social) Why is Personality Development Important? Ensure excellence in one’s chosen field. Contribute to individual and national development An improvement in your personality can improve your chances for success.

Requirements towards the development of a fine personality: 1. Clarity of goals and purpose in life 2. Doing beyond expectations 3.

Learning from failures 4. Initiatives 5. Enthusiasm 6. Character & personality Self discipline 7.

8. Positive mental attitude 9. Managing 10. Sound physical & mental health 11.

Team work 12. Hard work 13. Growing in ones knowledge and skills 14. Desiring pleasure and excitement I V.

Developing a Positive Attitude Positive attitude can do wonders. It can make possible what is seemingly impossible for the others.

Positive attitude is the seed out of which positive traits, which are essential for success sprout forth. It is the positive attitude again which waters and feeds the sapling of positive traits. . Emotions and feelings within each of us are ‘ triggered’ in different ways.

We think differently and therefore see things differently. We often do not imagine that other people may see something quite differently to how we see the ‘ same’ thing. Management and relationships, in work and outside of work too, depend heavily on our being able to understand the other person’s view, and what causes it to be different to our own.

To illustrate this, and to explore how mental associations can ; color our worlds differently: Close your eyes and imagine the days of the week What color is each day? Write down the color of each day Review and compare people’s different color associations, and – where people consciously know and are willing to share their reasons/associations review these differences too.

Note: If anyone sees all the days as the same color, or sees no color association at all, or perhaps sees or senses a more powerful alternative association, then this is another equally worthy personal viewpoint and difference.

The days of the week are a simple fixed pattern. Yet we see them in different ways. 2. Bring a glass full of water and let the students interpret( It may be expressed as half full or half empty). QUOTES: Your mind is a beautiful garden, if you do not plant and nurture sapling of beautiful flowering plants in it, it will turn into a mess Of wild creepers, bushes and thorny plants.

*** A balloon when released goes up not because of its color or shape, it is what is inside that makes it go up. The same application can be found in our lives. It is what is inside that count.

The thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude. A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you eve good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you kick Always look at what you have left.

Never look at what you have lost. Man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy Qualities of a Successful Person 1 . Ambition 2. Commitment Responsibility 4. Hard work 5. Character 6.

Persistence Reference: Achievement True Success V.

Self Esteem Refers to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal Of his or her own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs Here are some characteristics of a person with High and Low Self Esteem: High Self Esteem 1 . Talk about ideas 2. Caring attitude 8. Respect others 4.

Respect authority 16. Disciplined 17. Internally driven/self motivated 3. Humility 19. Knows the limitation 5. Courage of conviction 20.

Giver 6. Confidence 7. Concerned about character 8. Assertive 9. Accept responsibility 10 Optimistic 11. Willing to learn 12.

Sensitive 13. Discuss 14. Believe in self worth 15. Guided / Misguided Low Self Esteem 1. Talk about people 2.

Critical attitude 3 A r arrogance 4. Rebel against authority 5. Go along with 6. Confusion 7. Concerned about reputation 8 Aggressive 9. Blames the whole world 10.

Fatalistic Know it all 11. 12. Touchy 13. Argue Believe in net worth 14. 15.

Misguided 16. Distorted sense of freedom Externally driven 17. 18. Lockwood on others 19. Everything goes 20. Taker Chapter 2 Physical Aspect Fashion Making Choices: 1.

Dress conservatively – simplicity 2.

Artistic expression – if you have a sense of fashion in the past, you can indulge in appropriate whimsy-mix and match *Italian and French Vogue is more aesthetically focused and American Vogue is more consumer-practical Factors in forming impression: 1 . Economic level – is he rich or poor? Is he working or unemployed? 2. Educational level -? is he a high school or college level? Or is he a doctor? 3. Social Impression – Does he lives in the villages? Does he belong to the upper socio-economic level or lower level? 4. Level of Sophistication -? party hoping type, the social register type? 5.


Family background – upper class family or lower class family 6. Success – His personal possessions like car, house, company, type of sports and activities. 7. Moral character – does he looks honest, or will take advantage? L. Assembling a Basic Wardrobe The first thing to consider when putting together a wardrobe is color.

Pick two basic, neutral colors that you can build you wardrobe around. The most versatile basic colors are black, brown, grey, navy and beige. Once you have decided on colors, you can start shopping. 7 Basic Steps to Success Step 1: Know your body type None of us is perfect so know your measurements and shape.

Think about arm, leg and torso length and shoulder, hip, waist and thigh shape and width. Evaluate your overall body shape.

One trick we like for this is standing in front of a mirror with someone tracing your shape on the mirror with soap. Finally think about the areas you want to hide or accentuate. Step 2: Be Realistic This works for all body types. Wear clothing that fit properly.

Squeezing into a smaller size does not make you smaller. It makes you look like you have gained weight and didn’t buy clothing that are the right size. On the flip side, wearing baggy, bigger clothing in an attempt to hide things does not work either.

You just make yourself look sloppy and larger.

Don’t buy what you wish you looked good in, but what really does compliment you. Step 3: Just because they make it in your size… Does not mean you should buy it and wear it.

Fashion is only fashionable if you look attractive in it, not because a celebrity is wearing it or it was in all of assign magazines. Step 4: Know Your colors Black is not everyone’s best friend. Colors sold in the stores in a particular season may not be yours. Regardless of which method you use to determine the right colors for you, it must be done.

If you aren’t sure, contact an image or wardrobe consultant for some professional help.

It is worth the time and money. Step 5: Build a base Your lifestyle will determine where the emphasis lies on the core elements of your wardrobe. However, here are a few suggestions on what you should have. You will need to adjust according to your life, but remember the key to NY successful wardrobe is having items that can be mixed and matched with other items.

Step 6: Think before you buy Unless you are buying a new base piece, don’t buy an item unless you already have three things in your wardrobe with which you can wear it.

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