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Correlation methods

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Correlation research methodologies are used to determine the relationship between two variables. It is a statistical measure which determines the relationship between two or more variables and this is done by indicating the way a variable may predict another variable. There are three probable results that come out of the correlation research methodology and they are Positive Correlation, Negative Correlation, and No Correlation. The measurement for the strength of the correlation is correlation coefficient and it can range from -1. 00 to +1. 00.
Components of Correlation Research Methodology
There are basically three kinds of correlation studies namely the Naturalistic Observation, the Survey Method and the Archival Research. It is worth mentioning that all these three methodologies have their respective advantages and disadvantages too.
Strength of the Correlation Study
Correlation study allows the experimenter to watch the variable of interest and that too in a natural setting. Correlation study itself can offer and render ideas for further research

A weakness of the Correlation Study
Apart from the positive side of the research method, there are certain limitations included in the correlation study. Correlation study can suggest the relationship between the two variables but at the same time on the same plane, it is unable to establish that a particular variable can cause a change in another variable too. In other words, correlation does not equal causation.
Correlation Research Method is very helpful in determining statistical derivations and generates great help and support for the research scholars in the domain of academics. But like any other experimental methodology, correlation research also has its own limitations which are being tried to overcome at various levels.

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