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Corportate social responsibility

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Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate social responsibility is when companies or organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for their profit making actions and how it will impact customers, employees, the community, and the environment. Corporate social responsibility goes beyond the aspect of maximizing profit for just the company and its shareholders. When a company or organization exhibits corporate social responsibility, the company or organization is taking the initiative to go beyond the call of duty of just making a profit. They are taking steps to improve the quality of life for their employees and their families as well as the community and society.

In my opinion, businesses should be socially responsible. Successful businesses have the funds and resources to donate to educational programs and environmental programs. These programs will further educate the employees that work for the companies as well as their families. An example of a good educational program is a tuition reimbursement program, which reimburses employees for their expenses for going to college. An educated employee is an incentive to a company, but he/she will also benefit society and his/her family. Companies also have a responsibility to the environment.

Most companies are using the earth??™s resources to produce products, which they sell to customers and make a profit. Hopefully, all companies know that resources are scarce and should not be wasted. Companies can set up campaigns to make people aware of recycling scarce resources such as paper and plastic. Right now, it seems like we have a lot of trees and hydrocarbons to produce these necessary resources, but eventually we will run out. Companies can also use their resources to find other methods to conserve our trees and our fuel.

An example of an organization that is socially responsible is the National Football League or NFL for short. The NFL promotes education by having reading programs for kids, donations to general scholarship programs at universities, and programs that promotes physical activities for kids. Everyone knows that professional football players are role models. If a professional football player, such as Reggie Bush, speaks on television about education and physical exercise, kids will listen and strive to be as successful as Reggie Bush.

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