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Contribution of robot to society

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Essay: Contribution of robot to society: Firstly, here is a brief introduction about Professor Guang Song. He is an associate professor working at the Department of Computer Science in Iowa State. He has already achieved his bachelors and masters degrees studying theoretical physics and currently he is working on the computer model of simulation of relativistic heavy-ions collisions. His fundamental thesis is to discover the dynamics and functions of biomolecules to the likes of utilizing molecular dynamics methodology to do analysis. Later, he then skips his mind and redirects his research into the area of computer science. Since then, sitting in front of computer screen and seemingly absurdly chatting with robotic machine become his passion and his life-long career. In the endless field of computer science, he selected one of the most challenging branches” motion planning.

Soon, those innovate techniques created by him has already or will be applied in to our real life, make their social functions, and contribute to our society. His techniques and belief in electronic area has grown to be more and more mature. His well-developed robotics protein folding has earned him world-wide recognition.

In his Ph. D. period, his dedicated work on (advisor: Nancy M. Amato) using robotic motion planning to protein folding blew the world of prestigious scientists away and nearly make a revolution in the world of science. Also, those great academic achievements was published in Genome Technology (Nov.

2001 issue) and NSF CISE quarterly newsletter (Sept. 2002) and cited by BBC World (Aug. 2002), which is probably the greatest honor for a theoretical scientist. Currently, he is doing his postdoctoral work with his advisor.(advisor: Robert L. Jernigan, 2003-2006) . And right now, his research focused on protein motion, dynamics and functions.

This interview is around his own perspective for new released electronic devices and also his understanding of his specific role in Iowa State University. Today is my first day to get real in touch with professor Guang face to face. I believe the first impression is always the most important one and there is no doubt, that professor Guang™s appearance blow me away—I am not talking about his appearance is so handsome and his face is so delicate like movie star acted in the Hunger Game, I am taking about people can tell from his appearance that he is someone different (or say, special.)His glasses are relatively think than most of the colleagues, which would imply he always work late at night and low down his face in order to see those original hand-crafted paper clearly. His head is nearly bald and even can reflect the white light in the office that emitted from the violet lamp. Well, I know what you are thinking—those two features are typical appearance of a scientist of any kind.

However, what really blow me away are his eyes” his dazzling eyes” that could be sharp and soft and the same time. And his tune” his unusual Chinese way of speaking English cannot cover up his passion and love to his career” computer science and his role in the university that to be the catalyst between American scientist world and Chinese scientist world. Then I asked my first question: What do you think about IPhone and how long would Chinese company take to innovate such an audacious product He smiled first and then his eyes growing sharp. And then he answered” slowly, but solid. It was another small step for man and a giant leap for technology.

It piqued my curiosity how Siri was not only able to talk and listen, but comprehend and respond. Thus, I redirected my professional career into computer science” not a very popular major at that time. He laughs, as if he is a storyteller. At that time, I wondered: when would Chinese have the likewise innovation product The hopes lie in next young generation in China. And he believed his position and his Chinese character would be an encouragement of the next generation of young people who study at computer science department. And as one of the rare Chinese born and bred professor at that time, it would be a great help for Chinese students when confronting academic problems or have trouble adapting American style academic life.

Therefore, he decided to continue his research and devoted his lifetime in his teaching career. Although born and bred in China, he has the better chance to initiate an entrepreneur ship just like Apple did. Surprisingly, He is willing to give up on being the first Steven Jobs in China and devotes himself to the teaching career and be the mentor of international student” especially Chinese international student” to lift up communications between those two distinctive cultures and narrow the mental gap between those two countries across oceans and continents.

You know, I Once had a chance of starting my own career back in China based on my research in Ohio State University. And the he slowly continued I remember when Siri debuted on the iPhone, I was completely fascinated and it kindled my passion for both computer science and cognitive science. And the story begins. When I was in high school, I learned how to code and joined the programming team, which I later renamed CS Squared and even studied kids™ cognitive skills.  I™m left to wonder if the movie Her, depicting Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with a talking operating system (OS) shows the upside potential of CS and CS. Whatever it is, it™ll definitely alter the world.

He says with pity. But unfortunately, I have to choose other major over computer science because of my parents force me to. Right now, I want to see young college students with passion to computer would be determined to go alone their dream. junkyard techie is his favorite nick name.

More importantly, He strives to make a difference in people™s lives “ this is the core to my way of life “ or otherwise, he wouldn™t do it.  I like to think big (and have many ideas) and while I enjoy the processes and minor tweaks, I™m truly concerned most about what the final product represents (or just the results). As a junkyard techie, I™ve seen the modern power behind technology.  Take the Kindle for example.  My usual books just shrunk in bulk and weight; I no longer need to carry the book. Thus, he also decided to raise funds to buy and donate eight Kindles to the less fortunate freshman college students that he helped tutor. As I finished his interview, I believe I truly get to know a real mentor—not only in academic area, but also his life wisdom.

Since then, what he impressed me would not only be his dazzling eyes—his nick name, his laughing sound, as well as his life philosophy would also be his unique icon that make people recognize him” and more importantly, learning from him.  ?-Z?

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