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Computer aided instruction

INTRODUCTIONThe age that we are in apparently speaks for its own. Through the years, humans have developed an instinct of seeking for technology that shall make more efficient and effective use of time. We have so far developed a highly competitive and rapidly changing world which demands for innovations which tend to be superior from all the rest. At this rate, education, which is the underlying stuff of technology, must keep up with the pace and the demands of the industry. Most academicians would cling to the concept that learning only takes place inside the classroom and the laboratory and that there should always be interaction between a mentor and a student to fully assess the capacity and the comprehension of the learner. However, due to the advent of the Computer- Aided Instruction (CAI) or which is also known as Computer Assisted Instruction, technology made available education within the reach of the learner??™s fingertips. It is a diverse and a rapidly expanding spectrum of computer technologies that assist the teaching and learning process.

CAI is also known as computer-assisted instruction. Examples of CAI applications include guided drill and practice exercises, computer visualization of complex objects, and computer-facilitated communication between students and teachers. It aims to reinforce academic instruction through simulations where students get to experience learning in a different light. CAI can dramatically increase a students access to information since not everything may be provided by a mentor.

In light of this problem, it will serve as a supplement to the prepared lectures. For instance, in a Microbiology class, the samples of bacteria, parasites and other cultures may be presented in high resolution through CAI which may spare the students time poring over microscopes for the sake of mastery of the said subject. This way, they may move on smoothly from topic to topic without interferences and delays.

Furthermore, CAI can create breakthroughs in the learning experience since subject matters which were left unexplained due to complications can be presented in a manner that is simple for the mentor and that is comprehensible for the students. Moreover, the program can also adapt to the abilities and preferences of the individual student and increase the amount of personalized instruction a student receives. Issues between mentors and students may be lessened Many students benefit from the immediate responsiveness of computer interactions and appreciate the self-paced and private learning environment. Moreover, computer-learning experiences often engage the interest of students, motivating them to learn and increasing independence and personal responsibility for education. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMGenerally, this study aims to determine the effects of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) to the academic performance of the Computer Science students of the Cagayan State University for the School Year 2010-2011.

Specifically, this study aims to determine the following: Name of the RespondentsYear and Section of the respondentsSocio-economic status of the respondentsa. Ageb. Addressc. Educational Backgroundd. Educational Attainment of Parentse. Annual Income of Parentsf. Appliances present in the householdExposure to Computer Aided Instructiong.

Type of CAI used in the courseh. Duration of CAI exposureAcademic Performance before CAI exposurei. Raw scores attained per subject j. General Weighted Average of respondents k. Motivation for learning l.

Degree of comprehension of the respondents Academic Performance during and after CAI exposurem. Raw scores attained per subject n. General Weighted Average of respondents o.

Motivation for learning p. Degree of comprehension of the respondents SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe findings of this study shall serve as an eye-opener both for the students and faculty of the Cagayan State University particularly to the College of Information and Computer Science with regards to the disparity of the traditional method of teaching with that of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). At the same time, this study may also be future reference to researchers who shall endeavor in the study of Computer Aided Instruction or any other study which may be in line with it. Since this study delves deep into the effects of CAI to the academic performance of the students, it provides insights on the precision and the accuracy of the correlation between socio-economic status of the respondents to CAI exposure and the improvement or declination of their academic performance in its measurable aspects such as the general weighted average and the raw scores of the respondents. In the same way, this study aims to underscore the strong and the weak points of the said CAI regarding the degree of comprehension and motivation of learning of the respondents and how it affects the measurable aspects of academic performance. Finally, this study wishes to reach out to the administration of the university should the CAI prove to be worthy of implementation or not.

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