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Comprehensive case analysis

Comprehensive Case Analysis Question The decision of African Gold, Inc. about the depletion of the varied funding sources that are normally used for covering all the increased costs can be duly considered as a right one, as the issue was viewed to be affecting the global operations of the company at large. It can be affirmed that at a certain time, an organization is expected to go beyond the legally mandated benefits to help its workers with a devastating illness like HIV/AIDS for attaining the desired business or operational targets (Nkomo et al., 2007).
Question 2
The responsibilities that African Gold has towards its workers include maintaining ethical conduct in its workplace and most vitally prohibit the devastating financial implications imposing adverse impact on the families of such workers (Nkomo et al., 2007).
Question 3
The challenges relating to human resource that the US based firms generally face when they globalize include problems related to hiring as well as retaining their respective potential workers and most vitally forming a globalized workforce (Commonwealth of Australia, 2011; Goldsmith, 2008).
Question 4
If I would have been in the place of Goldstone, I would have designed such an effective policy based on which the adverse financial implications on the families of the workers in the firm are mitigated by a considerable degree. In this similar context, such policies would also ensure better pays as well as other benefits to the workers along with maintaining diversity in the workplace
Based on the above discussion, I have learned that maintaining ethical norms in the workplace by taking into concern the benefits of the workers is quite indispensable element to reap available benefits and avoid the challenges. This particular case certainly revealed the challenges associated with the management might unfavorably influence the families of the workers particularly in the domain of health care. As a healthcare manager, the implications of the case provided can be ascertained as strengthening the interests of the workers as per their respective needs for delivering quality services to the patients.
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Nkomo, S., Fottler, M. D., & McAfee, R. B. (2007). Human resource management applications: cases, exercises, incidents, and skill builders. US: Cengage Learning.

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