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Competency on job analysis management essay

Yeo Hiap Seng Malaysia Berhad Yeos Company is a manufacturing company that involved in production, sale and marketing of bevarages and food. Yeos Company has created a few brand names, such as “ Yeo’s Company”, “ Cintan”, “ Soyrich”, “ Fizzi” and “ Goodtase”. The manufacturing factories are located throughout the whole Malaysia. Vision of Yeo’s Company is ‘ to be the No. 1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia’. (Yeo’s)

In job analysis, Yeo’s Company focus on enriching the skill, knowledge and competency level of the employees. The main purpose is to increase its productivity and profits as well. By this, Yeo’s Company has focusing on several different matters in competency on job analysis, such as competency-based training, competency-based recruitment and selection. There are also some legal considerations that are needed to be considered in job analysis as well.

Competency on Job Analysis

In human capital, Yeo’s Company claims that it always offers training and development programs in order to provide a supportive working environment, culture and norm in the organization. By this, Yeo’s Company employees participate in many different types of in house as well as external training courses in order to improve their technical-related skills and soft management skills, such as communication skill, adaptation skill and leadership skill every year. This will help the employees to perform better.

Since Yeo’s Company is producing food and beverages products, so the core competencies of Yeo’s Company are behavioral competencies, functional competencies and leadership competencies. Behavioral and functional competencies are required for employees while leadership competency is required for managerial position. There are a systematic manufacturing process in producing food and beverages. Thus, all employees especially those who are from production department need to have behavioral competency to work as a team and also functional competency to have high productivities.

For example, when Yeo’s Company is producing a soya drink, there will be several procedure and step to be followed. First step is procuring raw materials. Second step is de-hulling followed by invalidating indigestible, rough grinding and so on. The last step is packaging and labeling as well. All the procedure must be done from the first to the last, otherwise the product unable to be produced. Thus, all employees in each of the process must have the specific technical skill and work together to have better performance. (Rank, J)

Furthermore, the employees at the each of process must have a very high specific competency level, ability and knowledge about the task, what should they do and how they do. For example, employees who are working at packaging stage must ensure that all the drinks do not leak out of the package and do not expose to the air, otherwise the drinks is spoiled. Besides, they also need to make sure that the volume of the drinks must be accurate. In order to eliminate the mistake made by the employees, Yeo’s Company has provided different types of competency-based training programs for the employees, especially specific technical-typed of training. This means each of the employees will be trained as a expert in that particular job scope. For example, employees in packaging process will attend only for packaging training rather than others. This is because Yeo’s Company must make sure that the employees know 100% of the job responsibilities and requirement as well.

Other than that, all the directors play an important role in the work force, department and also organization. The directors with good leadership skill, effective communication skill, high effectiveness and efficiency can influence or change the attitude and behavior of the employees. With this, higher working spirit among the employees will automatically become the norm of the organization. Thus, directors’ roles are increasingly demanded in Yeo’s Company. The Board of Directors of Yeo’s Company updates and improves themselves with some relevant and important training programs, such as talks, seminars and workshops. For example, all directors attended an in-house training program named “ Competition Law in Malaysia” on 27 July 2010. The next example is all members of the Board have also attended the Mandatory Accreditation Training Programme (MAP) provided by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Name of Directors

Training Programme

Tjong Yik Min

Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series on 26 March 2010

Dato’ N. Sadasivan a/l N. N. Pillay

Forum on FRS 139 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement – The Challenges of Implementing FRS 139 on 6 January 2010

Reclaiming the Commons: Collaborating and Competing in the new Economic Order on 4 October 2010

New Business Frontier: Innovative Human Capital on 12 October 2010

Workshop on GST and Transfer Pricing on 25 October 2010

Boardroom Experience on 26 November 2010

Razman Hafidz bin Abu Zarim

18th World Congress of Accountants 2010 on 8 – 11 November 2010

Yap Ng Seng

Mandatory Accreditation Programme for Directors of Public Listed Companies on 22 & 23 September 2010

Pearl Fong Lye Fong

PwG Budget Seminar on 26 February 2010

Concept of legal representative in PRC companies on 21 May 2010

Takeover of Listed Companies on 24 September 2010

Round-table Discussion on the Departmental Interpretation Notes for China/Singapore Double Tax Agreement on 12 November 2010

Table 1: Training Programmes of Directors in 2010 (Annual Report 2010)

Name of Directors

Training Programme

Dato’ N. Sadasivan a/l N. N. Pillay

Corporate Governance and Boardroom Issues in Challenging Times on 18 February 2011

Sustainability Programme for Corporate Malaysia on Trading Services and Industrial Products on 23 March 2011

Razman Hafiz bin Abu Zarim

Government Financial Assistance for SMEs on 6 December 2011

New Corporate Governance Blueprint & Regulatory Updates on 14 December 2011

Ow Tin Nyap

Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series on 18 February 2011, 25 March 2011, 29 June 2011 & 22 November 2011

FEO Management Workshop 2011: “ Do Good Business” held in Shanghai on 18 – 22 October 2011

Pearl Fong Lye Fong

Doing Deals in Vietnam on 19 January 2011

New Challenges and Priorities for CFOs on 12 October 2011

Global Transfer Pricing Conference 2011-Sustainable Transfer Pricing in an Era of Growth and Business Transformation on 19 – 21 October 2011

Table 2: Training Programmes of Directors in 2011 (Annual Report 2011)

The stimuli show Table 1 on the training programs of directors in 2010 and Table 2 on training programs in 2011 respectively. Tjong Yik Min who is the CEO of Yeo’s Company and Ow Tin Nyap attended leadership talk to improve their leadership skill. Furthermore, Dato’ N. Sadasivan focus on innovative, pricing strategies and trading services. Beside a director, he is also the Chairman of the Audit and Investment Committees and a member of the Remuneration Committee. Other than that, Razman Hafidz attended only one program which is related to accounting in 2010 and two programs in 2011. In addition, Yap Ng Seng who is Deputy CEO and Pearl Fong Lye Fong, director who is Bachelor of Accountancy Degree holder also attended training programs during year 2010.

According to Yeo’s Company Annual Report 2011, the total comprehensive income for the financial year has increased by RM 14, 214, 000 which is from RM 9, 931, 000 in year 2010 to RM 24, 145, 000 in year 2011. This is because the employees and directors of Yeo’s Company have attended various types of training programs during the year 2011. Contribution of employees and directors play the important role equally to the success of Yeo’s Company. This clearly shows that training programs has a stupendous impact to the profitability of Yeo’s Company. In addition, the competency level of employees and directors has increased significantly.

The other issue that is concerned by job analysis is competency-based recruitment and selection. By this, Yeo’s Company has listed out all the responsibilities and requirement for each of the clerical and managerial position before the interview and selection. These posted requirements will filter out those who are unqualified and attract those who are competent. Besides, Yeo’s Company has applied online recruitment by posting the vacancy on the website, such as jobstreet. com and its official website.

For example, Yeo’s Company has posted the training manager vacancy on jobstreet. com website. The most important responsibility is to manage the overall training and development function of Yeo’s Company to achieve organizational objectives. While, the most important requirement for the applicants is to have minimum 6 years working experience in training area. Obviously, the required working experience for training manager is more than other managerial position. This is because training manager plays an important role to the internal performance of all the employees as well as managers. (Yeo’s)

During recruitment process, Yeo’s Company will select the applicants critically based on their competency level. Yeo’s Company will look through their working experience, academic achievement, interpersonal skills, organizational fit and the comments from previous company. Selection is the most critical steps during the competency-based recruitment. This is because the productivity and profit of Yeo’s Company will be affected if the wrong applicants are selected. Besides, Yeo’s Company needs to have recruitment again and it is a waste of time and costly to Yeo’s Company.

Actually, Yeo’s Company is doing competency-based job analysis by applying both competency-based training and competency-based recruitment and selection. Yeo’s Company has described all the jobs in term of qualification, ability, and knowledge clearly on the website. Besides, Yeo’s Company provided competency-based training to motivate employees, increase the confident level and competency level. By this, the employees will be more enthusiastic in the company and increase the productivities of Yeo’s Company. Directly, this will also help Yeo’s Company to achieve its vision which is to be the No. 1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia.

Legal Consideration on Job Analysis

Next is the legal consideration in job analysis. Legal issues in job analysis stated that job analysis must be in written form. Of course, Yeo’s Company has showed their job analysis in writing form too. In order to fulfill this consideration, Yeo’s Company has showed the job responsibilities and requirements of every vacancy for recruitment purpose in written form. This can be seen clearly and easily on the jobstreet. com website.

Besides, job analysis must include tasks, duties and activities. Duty is a major subdivision of work that requires an individual to perform. Most of the job has more than one duty. Task is the important steps such as methods, techniques and procedures needed to perform a duty. Yeo’s Company takes this legal requirement into consideration by showing the job responsibilities for online recruitment. For example, Yeo’s Company shows the job responsibilities for the job vacancy such as for assistant trade marketing manager, and assistant sales managers.

The job responsibilities for assistant trade marketing managers include developing customer action plans and consumer or trade programs. Assistant trade marketing managers is also required to search for new trends and opportunity in the market. Assistant sales managers are required to provide a list of new products as well as manage its pricing. They also need to focus on developing strong relationship with the organization’s key customers. (Yeo’s)

Moreover, the competency levels of job performance should be stated clearly for the entry-level jobs as well. Yeo’s Company has offered entry-level jobs such as warehouse supervisor on jobstreet. com and stated the responsibilities and requirements of warehouse supervisor clearly.

The responsibilities of warehouse supervisors are to assist managers in managing the daily routine works in raw materials warehouse, internal warehouse and materials transfer and monitoring aging and idle stock tracking. The minimum requirements for warehouse supervisors are they must graduate with SPM and have at least 1 year working experience in warehouse management. Candidates who possessed forklift driving skill and are able to communicate in English and Malay are more preferable. (Jobstreet)

Legal issues in job analysis also stated that the organization should look into the most important tasks as the selection device. Important tasks such as skills to be possessed must be taken into account for selection purpose. Employees with the skills needed for the important tasks tend to increase the organization’s productivity.

Yeo’s Company selects its employees based on the skills and ability needed. For managerial position, Yeo’s Company selects managers who have leadership skills and abilities. They must be able to lead the employees in order to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. Yeo’s Company selects employees with technical skills and abilities to perform routine tasks. As Yeo’s Company main activity is to produce and sell food and beverages, they will select promoters who are able to attract customers to purchase their products.


However, there are some critiques on the job analysis of Yeo’s Company. There are positive and negative critiques as well. The positive critique is that Yeo’s Company not only gives employees training but also gives director training. With competency-based trainings, the directors will be able to perform their tasks better. Hence, the productivity and also profitability of Yeo’s Company will be improved.

However, the negative critique is that the management of Yeo’s Company did not classify the types of trainings which had been conducted for each department clearly. It may lead to some errors when the management tries to do the arrangement of employees for training courses. Also, it will be more time consuming due to the inconsistent way of recording.

Advantages of Competency-Based Training for Yeo’s Company

Yeo’s Company applies competency based training so that they will be able to have better human capital in order to improve company’s performance. With the trainings provided for the employees of Yeo’s Company, the technical-related skills, communication skills of employees can be enhanced. For example, the communication of employer and employees of Yeo’s Company will be improved with the specific training provided. In addition, the leadership skill will be enhanced when the directors of Yeo’s Company attend for the training. For instance, Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series on 26 March 2010 which was attended by Tjong Yik Min. It is beneficial to the management of Yeo’s Company.

Furthermore, employees of Yeo’s Company will have a clearer image of their individual roles towards the job. With this, employees will be able to perform their job easier and better. Hence, the satisfaction of job will be obtained. When the morale of employees of Yeo’s Company improves, a positive work environment will be created and the performance and productivities of Yeo’s Company improved subsequently.

Disadvantages of Competency-Based Training for Yeo’s Company

Yeo’s Company mainly focuses on training program to build individual’s competency which shown in Table 1 and Table 2. This cause the employees in Yeo’s Company spends more time and money in order to go for the trainings to improve their individualized competency identification and assessment. Other than that, those employees will always feel that they should seek for their competency-building efforts on an individual basis rather than group basis.

Besides, competency-based training mostly focuses on team work. When there is a team-based training, employees of Yeo’s Company will tend to rely on an assumption of homogeneous thinking among the group members. Some of the employees may refuse the group cohesiveness because it will lead to group-think. Thus, it is limited to individual to pursue their competency-building efforts in bureaucratic organizations.

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