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Comparative life of pi

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You will be writing an in-class comparative essay based on the essay topic you have been assigned, and the investigations completed by you and your classmates. If you choose to work with a partner, you will both contribute to the introduction and conclusion; each partner will contribute a category of comparison. Make sure to review MLA and essay writing format. Remember that this is a formal essay; ensure you are following the proper guideline.

If you choose to work independently, you will be required to complete an introduction and conclusion, as well as 1 category of comparison. You will be given several in-class work periods to focus attention on completing these tasks, both individually and as a group—use your time wisely. Essay Topic: Mark Twain once stated, “ fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t. ” Both Life of Pi and Copenhagen present the idea that truth in a story is inconsequential; it is society’s bias and perspective that truly matters.

Choose one conflict from each text to support your thesis. GROUP ESSAY EVALUATION As a Group:| | | | | | | | KNOWLEDGE/UNDERSTANDING:| /10| | APPLICATION| /10| shows knowledge of structural elements of essay: * effective introduction * opening sentence captivates rdr’s attention * text introduced; authors are both introduced * plan of development * thesis| | * applies proper MLA format * accurate first page information * accurate works cited page * essay connects ideas/issues within the novel to a broader context, * essay transfers previous nowledge & skills to the completion of the essay| shows knowledge of structural elements of essay: * well formed body paragraphs * clear topic sentence & concluding sentence * single controlling idea * shows understanding of literary & rhetorical devices * shows understanding of literature * attempt to move beyond standard 5 paragraph essay| | | Demonstrates understanding of the elements within the novel, including character, conflict, imagery, etc.

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