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Company profile

A company profile is a commonly used document in business that offers potential clients, current clients, employees, job applicants and the public in general a description of a particular company and an overview of its history, activity, operations and plans for the future. These profiles normally appear on a company’s website, promotional materials or other company documents and publications.

Some business and public relations experts advise that a company profile is important because it is often the first place that people who are interested in the company, whether they are potential clients of potential employees, will go to in order to start research about the company. For these reasons, they advise that company profiles be kept up to date, easy to read and express the culture, outlook and tone of the company in addition to the information about the company’s day to day activities and mission.

An description of what a company profile is in addition to a sample is provided at at www. uestcareer. com. This source describes a company profile as a particular company’s resume, which can be viewed by individuals and other company’s as a statement of that particular company’s identity, accomplishments and goals for the future. The sample that this source provides demonstrates the structure and content that many experts advise for a company profile. It is short and succinct, but long enough to express all of the information that a reader needs in order to gain a good understanding about the company.

In this example, it is five paragraphs long with an address and contact information. A pdf file format example for international companies is available for viewing at www. glo-bis. com. This example shows what international companies need to provide in order to give their readers a good understanding of their operations. This type of profile is longer and more exhaustive, but the information is formatted in a way that is still clear and easy to navigate.

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