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Commerce and cltuere

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1. Exchange and trade of goods between communities in different ecological zones has been a prominent feature of human history. Trade emerged from the vast environment and cultural diversities of the region. Long distance trade became very important because if more distance was traveled then merchants could exchange with more cultures, and prospered when societies involved in these trade roads offered security for merchants and traders. The uneven distribution of goods and resources of both natural and human activity has long motivated long distance exchange.

Natural resources gained many economical value and this motivated merchants to continue doing the long distance trade. Merchants were very high rated in the social pyramid because of trading these valuable resources. Human activity helped shape cultures in political and social aspects because merchants traveled around the world and learned the more efficient ways to govern and different cultures or rituals they could adapt. Trade helped shape and link societies and people from the entire world and this motivated and sustained long distance commerce.

2. Eastern Hemisphere societies developed long distance trade more extensively than Western Hemisphere societies because of geography. Some geographical differences added obstacles. For example the narrow bottleneck of Panama covered with dense rain forest that made almost impossible the connection between North and South America. In the Eastern Hemisphere had similar environments in all the routes which made the development more rapidly. Also the help of animals to carry some goods helped the spread in trade more efficient in Eastern Hemisphere societies.

Domestic animals like horses, donkeys, and camels, or wheel vehicles and large oceangoing vessels facilitated Eastern Hemisphere trade. In the Western Hemisphere there were no animal like that so humans had to carry all weight, and this made very inefficient the Western Hemisphere trade. 3. Commerce helped foster many changes in many ways. Economically, for example it altered consumption, it also created specialization to create surplus for trade, and created self sufficient economic local societies.

Socially, traders became a distinct social group; also elite groups in societies became distinguished from common by acquiring prestigious goods from distance, and this created generally more shaped social pyramid. The most cultural spread was religion. For example Buddhism spread all the way around the Silk Road and it changed in all this time. Political aspects were transformed by trade. For example taxes and monopolizing goods helped sustain some societies. Societies created huge central cities for commerce as cultural centers. Also human activity helped to shape cultures because traders learned some more efficient ways to govern.

Commerce helped promote the growth and development of many cultures in many ways. 4. Afro Eurasia is the largest landmass on earth. This landmass is all interconnected by land and some water features which helped Afro Eurasia to be a single interacting zone. Afro Eurasian landmasses had the most productive agriculture, largest civilizations, greatest concentration of pastoral people, the longest trade routes, and the big cultural centers for commerce. For example the Silk roads helped connect Europe with Asia, the Sea roads helped connect Africa with Asia and the Sand roads helped connect Africa and Europe.

With all this roads all this landmass was all connected in a single interacting zone. Afro Eurasia is such a huge mass that it is a region of separate cultures and civilizations. In many respects it was a region of separate cultures and civilizations. There are many differences between all cultures in Africa, Europe and Asia. There were many societies in Afro Eurasia, and all were very different. The geography of all this great landmass is all different, for example it has desserts, mountains, rivers, oceans and this made a huge variety of cultures that developed depending on these geographical accidents.

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