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Comma ninja

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In English class, we have been learning to become comma ninjas. Many of us entered training flailing our appendages, having no idea what we were doing. I feel that I at least knew which end to pick up my sword from, if you know what I mean. I could use most of the patterns, but not all of them.

This training has helped me to become a master of my art: writing. One thing I am proud of is my new mastery of the elusive complex sentence. When we learned it last year, I struggled. But this year, I have learned to wield it with ease. This improves all of my writing, both in school and out. I also feel that I am able to use dialogue correctly, although spelling it remains my greatest challenge.

Dialogue is a useful tool, required in almost every form of storytelling, and I expect that mine will have no chance to become rusty from disuse. I feel that the other comma patterns were ones I already had at least vaguely, so this really solidified my knowledge of commas and comma patterns. I know that in any battlefield I have the skills I need to succeed and even excel. Because I feel that I really know the comma patterns, my next step is simply to teach my comrades. I already see improvement in Jack, Isla, and Grayson’s writing and use of commas. If we can keep this up, our team should pass with flying colors.

Our flailing appendages have turned into deadly accurate tools.

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