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Comedy assignment

Comedy is performance which aims to entertain through humor. Throughout the ages there have been many type of comedy. These have Included the genres of stand up comedy, situation, comedies, forms of enamel, radio, slapstick mime as well as cinematic comedy amongst others. Some of these have been more successful than others. Whether funniness has been the sole determinant of success In terms of popularity Is debatable. It Is commonly believed that the funny factor Is indispensable.

However, this essay will contend that this is not often the case and there are in fact other significant determinants of comedic success. They include relevance and reflection of lifestyle as opposed to gratuitous humors, advancements in technology and monetary considerations. The second focus of debate is the advancement of technology. The general public and probably most comedians would fail to at least initially perceive the significance of technology to comedy. This is cause it seems quite irrelevant.

However, over the last century, it has often dictated the form in which comedy has taken place. In fact, radio was superseded by silent film. The old black and white comedies were weeded out and replaced by slapstick such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keating and The Keystone Cops. In Dalton, slapstick anima was also replaced by slapstick audio later. For example, The Road Runner and similar anima were popular partly because even after dying the harassers could come back to life and continue their lethal assaults, which was not possible previously.

Moreover, today there is a new trend of the combination of real life actors and anima as depicted in “ AVATAR”. Although Avatar was not a comedy the genetic fusion of drawing and real life actors could predictably be used in large scale cinematic anima, perhaps in the evolution of Bolt. Clearly, the advancements in technology was determined the characteristic evolution of comedy.

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