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Colorado river trip

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A few months ago, my dad and I took a long drive to the Colorado River. When we got to the hotel at first I was relieved because the drive was done, but the hotel was horrible. Instead of taking a breath of air it was a breath of smoke because the casino was in the same building as the lobby, it was terrible. The next day we set off on the river and where you start on the river is right in front of the Hoover Dam. We kayaked for one mile and found a spot to camp out for the night.

When we got there and we had a few hours to kill so we went hiking to the hot springs that were there. The hot springs were awesome because they are basically natures hot tub. The next morning we packed our stuff and went back on the river to kayak for nine miles down the river to where we would be picked up by a driver to take us back to our car. The river was so peaceful and quite it was awesome. During our kayaking we saw many animals on the canyons, including a bald eagle.

The Bald eagle was a site to see because I have never seen one before. I thought they were only located in Alaska, but seeing that eagle proved me wrong. When we got off the the river we decided to switch hotels. We switched to an amazing hotel and, before we got there and after we made the reservations we found out it was a five star hotel. Then on Sunday we went back home.

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