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Color blindness affects

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Color blindness affects a significant number of people, although exact proportions vary among groups. In Australia, for example, it occurs in about 8 percent of males and only about 0. 4 percent of females. Isolated communities with a restricted gene pool sometimes produce high proportions of color blindness, including the less usual types. Examples include rural Finland, Hungary, and some of the Scottish islands.

In the United States, about 7 percent of the male population” or about 10. 5 million men ” and 0. 4 percent of the female population either cannot distinguish red from green, r see red and green differently from how others do (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2006). More than 95 percent of all variations in human color vision involve the red and green receptors in male eyes. It is very rare for males or females to be ” blind” to the blue end of the spectrum. About 8 percent of males, but only 0. percent of females, are color blind in some way or another, whether it is one color, a color combination, or another mutation DESTRUCTION 2004 TSUNAMI CAUSED IN INDIA Tamil Nadu The state of Tamil Nadu has been the worst affected on the mainland, with a death toll of 7, 793. Nagapattinam district has had 5, 525 casualties, with entire villages having been destroyed. Kanyakumari district has had 808 deaths, Cuddalore district 599, the state capital Chennai 206 and Kancheepuram district 124.

The death tolls in other districts were Pudukkottai (1 5), Ramanathapuram (6), Tirunelveli (4), Thoothukudi (3), Tiruvallur (28), ThanJavur (22), Tiruvarur (10) and Viluppuram (47). Those killed in Kanyakumari include pilgrims taking a holy dip in the sea. Of about 700 people trapped at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial off Kanyakumari, 650 were rescued. In Chennai, people playing on the Marina beach and those who taking a Sunday morning stroll were washed away, in addition to the fisher folk who lived along the shore and those out at sea.

The death toll at Velankanni in Nagapattinam district is currently 1, 500. Most of these people were visiting the Basilica of the Virgin Mary for Christmas, while others were residents of the town. The nuclear power station at Kalpakkam was shut down after sea water rushed into a pump station. No radiation leak or damage to the reactor was reported Pondicherry An estimated 30, 000 people are homeless in the Union territory of Pondicherry. The current official toll is 560. The affected districts are Pondicherry (107 dead), Kariakal (453 dead).

Kariakal is the most devastated area from the Pondicherry Union territory. Where massive destruction and loss of causalities accure. This mishap occur because of uncover stone block. Mostly fisher folk are affected due to location and distance between sea and their basti (village). Fishing peoples are Just preparing for venturing into sea and within fraction of seconds everything wash away and their boats are damaged they lost everything in terms of life and property. More than 453 people are died so far and still some are missing. Kerala The current official toll is 168.

The affected districts are Kollam (131 dead), Alappuzha (32 dead), Ernakulum (5 dead). The tsunami that hit the Kerala coast on December , were three to tlve metres high , according to the National Institute ot Disaster Management,(NlDM) which functions under the ministry of home affairs. The Tidal upsurge had affected 250 kilometers of the Kerala coastline and entered between one or two kilometers inland. Pounded 187 villages affecting 24. 70 lakh persons in the state . As many as 6, 280 dwelling units were destroyed. As many as 84, 773 persons wee evacuated from the coastal areas and accommodated

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