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Cognitive psychology

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Cognitive psychology al affiliation Whether from an external or internal environment recognition memory can be disappointing at times. The Specificity principle contends that memory works well when retrieval matches what is learnt. However, Brian Williams’ recent misremembering experience, which resulted in more doubts into his experience, reveals various doubts. The question whether Brian Williams intentionally misleads people through wrong versions of the events, nevertheless, matches class lessons. The linkage to memory cognition enlisted in the discussion relates to Williams’ mismatch of information to bad memory. Indeed, the study makes it ambient and hence justifies the turn of events. Certainly, the discussion brings to light the relationship between false memories and potentially dangerous beliefs, which were not explicitly covered in class.
Paying attention to a research program investigating police interrogations, distortion of truth remains the center of attention. Apparently, the ability to modify a crime and inflict it on unsuspicious individuals justifies the capacity to change perception. Distortion of truth, according to the discussion, can motivate false memories, which later develops into autobiographical beliefs. Arguably, this might be the fact in the case of Williams, who is unable to draw a line between what he experienced and reality. Most importantly, the inclusion of self-delusion to explain the divergent behaviours creates a difference from what is learnt in class. It is noteworthy that class objectives majorly focused on explaining the change of expression without profound explanation. From this perspective, police interrogation initiatives make it easy to understand false memories. The ability to implant false memories also adds towards comprehending autobiographical differences.

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