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Class project survey

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A) How do forces outside of the US impact the physical environment in which you live? The global climate is changing on account of global warmingand it is affecting the physical environment in which we live. Due to global warming, temperature has increased significantly in Polar Regions. This change in temperature is affecting US climate too. We are also suffering from decreased level of precipitation and higher rates of evaporation which is causing droughts in many regions of US. We are also experiencing extreme weather conditions like floods, hurricanes, cyclones, etc. due to changing global climate. Sea level is also increasing and we are now exposed to the threat that a substantial portion of US Gulf Coast along with Eastern Seaboard. We are also breathing polluted air as many more countries across the world are being highly industrialized, and hence, proportion of hazardous gases including CO2 in the air has increased significantly. (McKay, 403) 1. B) How do forces outside of the US impact your job prospects? Our job prospects are not only affected by internal economic situations, but also by factors that are external to the economy of US. First, opportunities of jobs in the countries outside the US have decreased significantly due to the recent global financial crisis. And second, the extent of outsourcing has been increasing day by day on account increased availability of cheap labor from countries like India, Kenya, (McKay, 385-387) Philippines, and other developing countries. 1. C) How do forces outside of the US impact your physical safety? The physical safety of US citizens is continuously being threatened by terrorists groups of Islamic regions of the world. The event of 9/11 showcased how powerful the Islamic terrorist groups have become. Although, the US government has taken excellent security measures, but we still do not feel fully secured. (McKay, 283) 1. D) How do forces outside of the US impact the future economic health of the US and our status as an economic great power? The USA is considered to be the economic super power of the world. However, the excellent economic growth of emerging markets such as China, India, and other nations are posing great threat to the status of economic super power that the US has been enjoying. The future economic growth of the US is now also being threatened by falling values of dollar in international foreign exchange market. Till now the US dollar has been able to hold its reputation of the international reserve currency. This position of dollar in international market is now however exposed to great threat from Euro and IMF’s SDR. The threat comes from the fact that the Euro which is very new currency introduced only at the very end of the twenties century is gaining has been gaining popularity at a very fast pace. (McKay, 383-385) All these factors will affect future economic growth of the US and its status as economic great power. 2. A) Describe two (2) ways that outsourcing can be seen as a good thing. Two ways that outsourcing can be seen as a good thing are as follows: a) Outsourcing is good for businesses as it helps in earning more profits by saving money through reduced costs. US companies mainly outsource from the emerging markets where cheap labor is available. (McKay, 385-387) b) Outsourcing helps in intensifying competition in the US labor market. The increased level of competition helps in augmenting the skills of the US laborers. (McKay, 385-387) 2. B) Describe two (2) ways that outsourcing can be seen as a bad thing. Two ways that outsourcing can be seen as a bad thing are as follows: a) Outsourcing is bad as it decreases job opportunities of the US laborers significantly. b) The companies that are outsourcing their works do not retain all the taxable facilities in the US and thus it decreases income of the US government which is bad for the entire economy. (McKay, 385-387) 3. A. Rank of the Issues: . First Rank- World Peace Second Rank – Environmental Protection Third Rank – American Jobs Fourth Rank- Social Justice Fifth Rank – Free Markets. B. World Peace – 10 Environmental Protection – 9 American Jobs- 8 Social Justice-7 Free Markets.-6 C. If the lives of people are not secured, then economic or social growth will have no meaning. Hence, world peace is the most important thing for us. D. Free market is the least important issue in the above list as free market is not the most essential thing for the economic growth of the US. Reference: 1. McKay, David. American Politics and Society. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

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