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Undercover Agent The role of the undercover agent is to safeguard the interests of his inside and outside the Inside his he triesto discover the people or institutions indulged in conspiracies against the state and the system. He reports his findings to his agency which comes into action against the conspirators. Undercover agent is therefore very beneficial inside the state against the confusion and feelings of distrust produced by the anarchists. Outside the state i. e. in other countries, he promotes the well-wish of the people as well as the ruling class for his own country. Here he enters into relationships with the prominent figures of institutions as well as ruling elites by spending money on them and assuring them of his country’s backup in case they fall into any sort of troubles. In return, he, on behalf of his country, offers them many luxuries of head and heart. He is trained to the extent that he even succeeds in getting them prepared to work against the interests of their own country. In other words, undercover agent is capable of discovering traitors in other countries. They are disadvantageous also as they are caught red-handedly and become reasons for international conflicts as in the case of “ Raymond Davis” in Pakistan. Sometimes they provide their state with false information like America waged war against Iraq for its Chemical weapons. The role of the undercover agent is extremely necessary as in his absence, the state will have to endeavor three things. First, the state will have to prove that the conspirators were engaged in a mutual agreement between them. Second, the state will prove that at least one of the conspirators did an overt act which added to the flow of the conspiracy. Third, the state will prove that the alleged conspirators had intended a certain crime to commit. Undercover agents however must not indulge in any kind of criminal activity even if their indulgence helps the investigation. They must be free of crime because the idea of undercover agent has been established on the noble principle of elimination of crime.

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