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Civil rights assignment

Early that year a handful of college stud nets in Greensboro, North Carolina driven out of anger and frustration sat at the “ who tee only/’ Woolworth lunch counter and refused to give up their seats when ordered, Within a few days students were filling lunch counters throughout the city and new term as well as a new tactic in the struggle of civil rights was born. Was a year of presidential election year In J.

F Kennedy many Africanizing s saw a chance of the first menacingly government action in the cause of equal rights a ND equal justice, America’s black leadership strongly supported Kennedy. (Birmingham Alabama March/Protest ML. K) April 12 1963, Dry King, Reverend Ralph Abernathy and a thousand others marched toward downtown Birmingham, Alabama a town known as the pinnacle of segregation n in America . As expected King and Abernathy along with many others were jailed for being in violation of the “ Antidepressant’ Junction declared by the police and local government.

King was held in prison for 24 hours until President Kennedy had personally interceded with Firming ham officials, king was let out of prison 8 days later. May 2nd, 1963 a large group of black children joined the Birmingham protest, after a speech from King they marched downtown. The police soon started their intervention n and many were arrested. The same busses used for segregated schools transported these chi Eider to segregated prisons that day 1 , OHO students were arrested.

The next day knot her 1000 students joined the march, this time the authorities resorted to violence, the marches were blasted with fire hoses, attacked by police dogs and gassed. May 10th, 1963 under pressure from the federal government and from outrage world opinion n, the leaders of Birmingham accepted the marches demands. (March on Washington) August 1 963 , marked the day of the March on Washington, which was in support of the civic rights act. 250, 000 white and black men, women and children attended this d y.

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